A higher form of technology based on crystals and magnets

Question:  There is an idea introduced in the My Lives book about the use of crystals and magnets.  How can these technologies be helpful?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2018

There are naturally many technologies that have some validity to them. Crystals, magnets can have an effect. You will see in the New Age field that there are many people who have applied these technologies, you are of course free to survey the field if you feel so inclined and use your intuition and discernment to see whether this applies to you.  We are not particularly giving teachings through this messenger about this for a variety of reasons.  We leave this up to your own discernment what you want to do with this.

What I will say is that what is talked about in the book is actually a higher form of technology than what has currently been brought into the physical octave. So you cannot (based on a somewhat short remark in the book) necessarily conclude that this is something you should look into. You should look into it if you feel intuitively that this is for you.  Let us point out that right now there is a lot of confusion about the topic out there.  Some have a genuine way of using it but some are just riding the wave and trying to make money on it or trying to make themselves famous.  So again you need to look at who is bringing this out, what is their intention, what is their vibration and then go from there.


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