A genuine charisma

Question: Regarding the concept of charisma or attractiveness, there are people who have it in different degrees and there are leaders who have it with an excess, allowing them to manage people. At the everyday level there are people who can have a lot of friends and girlfriends, and there are those who cannot make friends because of a lack of charisma and attractiveness. What is this charisma from a spiritual point of view? Can a person control it? Can having these personal qualities be included in one’s divine plan?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, you have to make a distinction here between charisma that comes from control, and charisma that comes from spiritual growth and the resolution of psychology. There can come a point where you have walked the spiritual path and resolved your psychology, where the light from your I Am Presence and the masters begins to shine through you and this will give a certain charisma in the eyes of people who can tune into this light.

You can also have a person who is not attuned to anything and who meets a spiritually evolved person, even a spiritual master and senses nothing special about him. You saw even in the scriptures how there were people who met me 2000 years ago, and didn’t see any anything different about me. There were also people who met me and could sense that I had greater light streaming through me than the average person. This is the so to speak, valid aspect of charisma.

But the other aspect of charisma is that many fallen beings have what you in the world normally called charisma. And it is because they have learned to control other people psychologically. You see that certain fallen beings are able to almost hypnotize people into following them, into submitting to them. Hitler was able to do this to a quite high degree, Mao also. Stalin really didn’t have the charisma, he had to resort to fear to get people to obey him although some people were overwhelmed by the energy surrounding him that was built up.

This actually leads to a consideration of the third aspect of charisma which is simply idolatry, an idol worship of certain people that gradually is built up. You saw this less in ancient times. But with the advent of modern mass communication, you see this far more. You can take a movie star that has played in several movies, have gotten an Oscar, have gotten a lot of attention in the press and media and many people will build up a certain idolatry of that person and think he must be something special.

He may even drink his own Kool Aid or drink the Kool Aid and believe he is special and start acting as if he was. But there are people who have met some of these movie stars and realized they are just human beings as everybody else. You see, of course, that there are certain fallen beings that have the ability to hypnotize people. There are certain spiritually evolved people who have a genuine charisma. But both of them, both the spiritual leader and the fallen leader can be subjected to this worldly created idolatry where people project certain qualities onto that person that are simply not realistic.

We have seen in the Summit Lighthouse and in the I Am movement, how there was tremendous idolatry created around the messengers. And we even see in this movement how some people have an idolatrous view of this messenger which he has not encouraged, which he has actually spoken about and which those who have met him and interacted with him will know that there is no reason to have that. He does not claim to be special, does not set himself above other people because he is a servant-leader.

I was the same 2000 years ago. But there was even then, some projection of idolatry. But it is nothing compared to the idolatry that has been projected upon me since the formation of the Catholic Church which elevated me to this superhuman status of being equal to God.

So, can it be part of your divine plan to develop this charisma? Well, why would you want to develop charisma? In other words, if you are a spiritual student, why would you want to have the charisma of the fallen beings where you can manipulate people? What you would want is to perhaps develop a natural charisma that comes from the resolution of psychology and spiritual growth. And this can certainly be part of your divine plan, but it’s not focused on charisma. Charisma might be a side effect of it, but it’s not your goal. It’s not a goal you define for yourself.

There are certainly spiritual people, including ascended master students, who have some far-flung dreams, that they would develop this charisma, so that they would be able to attract people to them, as they have seen some spiritual leaders do. There are people who have dreamt about gaining the gifts of the Holy Spirit so that they can make people faint just by waving their hand or by walking into a room so that people will see these visible manifestations that will make them believe that there is something to what these people are saying or believe that these people are special. But this is not what we encourage in our students. It is not what we encourage in anyone because what is the point of this idolatry?

What we desire to create is a teaching and a movement that is based on all people having a spiritual potential, all people having a potential to transcend themselves. So, if you are a messenger in a true ascended master movement, you are not special, you are not setting yourself apart as being special. You are an example that other people can follow. You may have walked further on the path than many other people have. But it doesn’t mean that they cannot walk the same path and reach your level of spiritual attainment. It may not mean that they are going to do what you are doing in terms of, for example, being a messenger, but they have other things they can do that is part of their divine plan.

So really, the goal of a true messenger for the ascended masters is to raise people up to the highest level of consciousness, to help them reach that consciousness. Whereas the goal of a false leader is to make himself continue to be the one who is the head of others. So, he is the leader. He is clearly above the others. He is looked up to as the leader. And therefore, is always special. The goal of a servant-leader is basically to make himself superfluous, where the people no longer need him or her.


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