A fallen being  – a member of the ascended master organization?

Question: My mother brought up my brother and me with both physical, and mostly psychological brutal control. But led us from early days through an educational and spiritual path, including ascended master teachings from the “I AM” movement in the 70s. She channeled masters’ comments to us on a daily basis, and she could foresee many situations, and the outcome as a seer. Now she is 92, and still has a dominant narcissistic personality, never admitting a mistake. I long ago gave up idolatry of her. Might she be a fallen being despite her spiritual tendencies?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Well, she might indeed, and I do not want to give you a final answer on this, because it is a personal answer. You can get this answer from within. What I want to say here in general, because it applies to a number of other people, is that there has sometimes been this naive belief in previous ascended master dispensations, that if someone is a member of that organization, he or she cannot be a fallen being. This is of course not correct.

The fallen beings will try to do whatever they can to destroy or sabotage a spiritual organization, especially one sponsored by the ascended masters. They will send fallen beings into such organizations to create as much chaos as they can. There is also in some cases, that a messenger or particular guru can take on certain fallen beings as his or her students, in order to give them a last opportunity to turn around and start the upward path. This was especially the case with the messenger of the Summit Lighthouse, who had taken on as her personal chelas, some fallen beings, because she for various reasons, wanted to give them a final opportunity.

I can tell you that most of them did not use this opportunity to turn around, they either left embodiment in the fallen consciousness, or they are still in the fallen consciousness in embodiment. Therefore, they have not started the upward path. Some of them will go through the second death as a result of rejecting a sponsored messenger and others will get another opportunity in other circumstances.

It is clear that when a fallen being comes into an ascended master organization, he or she will attempt to use the teaching to exercise control over others, whether it is their children or other people. There are fallen beings in ascended master organizations who have set themselves up as a kind of mini guru, who are attempting to gather a following around themselves so that these people are following the person instead of the messenger, or the ascended master teachings. There are examples of some of these people who have claimed that they were channeling or taking dictations or messages from ascended masters, telling other people what to do.

And as you can see, in your own case, you are aware that this was done for the purpose of control, and that these messages did not come from the ascended masters, but from false hierarchy imposters in the mental, or even the emotional realm. This is not an uncommon phenomenon. I am not saying it is a common phenomenon, but it is definitely something that has happened in all ascended master dispensations, including this one.

It is something you need to be aware of, but of course, you do not need to go into a state of going around, judging everybody: “Is this one a fallen being? Is that one a fallen being”, and you especially do not need to fall into the trap that some people fell in, in previous dispensations, thinking that, “Oh, anybody who disagrees with me must be a fallen being”. This is, of course, not a realistic scenario either. You need to be careful with this.

But when you see this narcissistic behavior over a long period of time, this attempt to control, and this willingness to even use ascended masters, or at least their version of ascended masters to exercise control over others, then you can come to that point where instead of reasoning with the outer mind that this person is a fallen being, you can receive that intuitive confirmation from within.

Whatever that then means for you in terms of your relationship with that person, is another matter, and that is why you need to ask yourself: “Well, why did I choose to be in such close proximity to a fallen being. What was it in my psychology that I wanted to bring out in the open so I could see it and resolve it?”

There can be a tendency, and it is it is a very dangerous tendency, where some people come, take our teachings about fallen beings, did come to identify that: I have been in a relationship with a fallen being, that must mean that all the problems were that person’s fault, it was because they had the fallen psychology. And therefore, I do not need to look at anything in my psychology. This, of course, is not a productive scenario, because you took on that relationship to learn something, to overcome something, to resolve something in your own psychology, you may also have done it to give the fallen being an opportunity, but there was always something you wanted to learn, and see in yourself.

So get on with seeing that, resolving that. And then you have made the best possible progress you can make from being in a relationship with a fallen being. And then you need to be non-attached to whether they take advantage of the opportunity of being in a relationship with you. That is not really your concern, when you have learned your lesson, you are free to move on, if that is what you desire to do. And you have a right to move on from a relationship with a fallen being, when you have resolved the psychology that you wanted to resolve. You have no obligation to fallen beings, even though they are very skilled and very aggressive at trying to make you feel obligated towards them.


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