A crossover effect, the role of rational mind

Question: In the ascended masters teaching it states that the dark forces are not able to directly cause people physical harm. Yet there are a lot of documented cases of physical abuse by the dark forces claiming to be reliable. Are these cases complete fiction? How do you explain the phenomenon as poltergeist in which there is an impact on physical objects. We would like to have a better understanding of this issue. 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Ukraine in 2019.

We have, starting in Maitreya’s book and forward, talked about the fact that there can be certain places on earth where the vibration is so low that there can be what we call a crossover effect between the astral plane and the physical. This is how you can have various phenomena, and these can in some cases also be physical. Now, what we mean is when we say that the dark forces cannot cause people physical harm is that we are talking about a normal individual who is relatively healthy physically and psychologically. There are, of course, people who are in such a low state of consciousness, or such an agitated state of consciousness, that they can create this crossover effect where the vibration of the physical comes so close to the vibration of the astral that there can be an influence or influx of energy from the astral to the physical. This can cause certain physical harm to the body or other symptoms. The phenomenon of poltergeists is simply that, again there is a crossover effect. There are even psychological, somewhat scientific studies, where a group of people have gotten together on a regular basis, and they have attempted to create a poltergeist.  And there are some cases where they have been successful in creating knocking sounds on the walls and other such things.

And so, this shows you that there is a certain power of the mind to produce certain phenomena. We are not denying that it is possible to create various phenomena with the power of the mind. But what we are saying is that if you are a normal healthy individual, we do not want you to live in fear that the dark forces can influence you directly in a physical manner. And certainly when you are a student and use the decrees for protection, you do not need to live in this fear. But, of course, as the collective consciousness is raised, there will come a time where it will be more common to have various phenomena that do not have a material explanation. And this will create a certain period where there will be more of a general awareness of this among the population. And unfortunately, this will also cause some people to go into a state of fear that they could be harmed by these phenomena.

You will see, if you go back several centuries, there were many, many places in the world where the population or at least a large majority of the population lived in fear of evil spirits, dark forces, trolls, demons, all kinds of phenomena that most people today say are not real. What happened back then was of course, again, this crossover effect between the physical and the astral, that caused people to have various experiences. So in order to overcome that stage of human evolution, many people needed to go into the rational state of mind, where they would simply deny the reality of these phenomena, and therefore not be vulnerable to them.

As we raised the collective awareness and start going beyond this rational age, we will again have a period where people will have to deal with this. Now, it is our hope that people will deal with it on a more mature level, so they will not go into fear, but be able to recognize that there are realms of energy beyond the material. There are beings in these realms, and they can seek to influence human beings in a not positive way. So therefore, you need to be aware of this, and know how to protect yourself from it, which you do by raising your consciousness primarily, so that people do not need to go into fear but can acknowledge it is there without fearing it. This is what you saw in the Middle Ages, that people acknowledged that there were certain phenomena but they were afraid of it and escaped these dark forces and inroads into their consciousness. Therefore, it was necessary to make people think that it wasn’t real, which closed their minds to this inroad. But we need to move to the more mature level where people can realize there is something there, but they have the discernment to not be affected by it. And therefore, they can also recognize that as there are lower forces, there are also higher forces, namely the ascended masters, who can help them in various ways. And so, again, there will be more of an awareness of this, as you already see in some nations, where people are open to this. And of course, there will be some, but hopefully only a few, who will react with fear and therefore become vulnerable. But the majority of the people will hopefully react in a more mature way and have the discernment to acknowledge the existence of dark forces without being taken over by them, and therefore also acknowledge the existence of the forces of light and therefore build that relationship with us. That means you can look at the dark forces without going into fear.

You should as ascended master students recognize that you have attained a certain mastery that allows you to acknowledge the existence of the fallen beings and other dark forces without going into a state of fear or panic. But you can just acknowledge this, make the calls, look at yourself and see if you are influenced by these forces, and then free yourself from this influence by using the tools and the help that we offer you. And it is very important that other people come to that point as well. And you can of course, if you feel so, make the calls for specific people that you know, or for people in general to actually overcome the fear that is there still, because I said that in the Middle Ages people had a fear of these forces that they acknowledged, today people have denied the reality of these forces, but they still have a certain subconscious fear that they cannot identify. And the materialists are not able to free them from that fear. It can only happen by people acknowledging the existence of something but having the discernment to see that while it is there, you can free yourself from it, you can protect yourself from it, you can raise your consciousness to where these forces cannot affect you.


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