A balanced approach to using spiritual tools

Question: This is a question about a spiritual tool. Has something changed this year. After giving the rosaries the physical body reacts differently. It tends to sleep and it is hard to stay in a sitting position. Also sometimes it is impossible to work, is this the new higher frequency energy or something else. 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Kazakhstan in 2018

It is not that there is a general universal change for all people but for some people you can go through certain cycles where it does become more difficult to give invocations or decrees. You for various reasons can feel like going to sleep. You can also go through certain periods where there is so much light coming into your four lower bodies or you are going through such intense work with your psychology that it is difficult to focus on practical matters.

If you find that this comes to the point where you cannot function in your daily life, then take a break, do not give as many rosaries and invocations or take a break from them for a time where you don’t give any. We are not seeking to give you tools to have you force some kind of change and you can see if you research the internet that there are people who have either forced a Kundalini rising or have had it happen spontaneously who can be quite disturbed by this. It is possible that there can be people who have so much light coming into their four lower bodies, that their bodies can’t handle it.

It can mean that you can go to sleep, it can also mean that you can go through various changes that can make it difficult to function in your daily life. But this is an individual cycle you are going through and so we advise you to take a break instead of seeking to force something. It is not that giving the rosaries and invocations are causing the condition but it is that it can reinforce something that is going on in your four lower bodies and that is why it can be necessary to take a break from it.

So, Mother Mary wants to add that what is unique to this year is that the planet is going through the initiations of the sixth ray of peace and so it can be a matter of how that affects individuals. Therefore they might contemplate the whole concept of peace and of course use Nada’s book if it’s available to them.


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