What do you want to manifest in this lifetime?

Question: The Scriptures say: “Ask and you shall receive.” I have been listening to New Age gurus who also teach how to manifest what we want. My question is, how do I manifest what I want? How do I let go of my selfish desires so I can manifest what I want? How do I know if my desires are in harmony with the divine laws?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar for Russia – Overcoming the consciousness of Superiority and the Sense of Being Unwhole, Traumatized and Focused Outside Oneself.

I am quite well aware that there is what we might call an entire industry out there of New Age gurus who are supposedly teaching people how to manifest whatever they want in life. I am not saying that this cannot, to some degree, work for some people, because you can use, of course, your psychic powers to manifest certain physical conditions.

But since you are open to ascended master teachings, the question really is not for you to be able to manifest anything you want, but something that works along with your spiritual goals. If your goal is to ascend after this lifetime, how important is it to manifest specific material goals? It might be important for you, in order to experience having certain conditions, for example, a nice house, so you can get over that desire, and that might be perfectly fine. That might be in alignment with your spiritual growth.

But the way to deal with this is, of course, to realize that any lower desire, any illegitimate, you might say, or non-spiritual desire comes from a separate self. By using our tools to work on these separate selves, you will be able to gradually let go of these lower desires.

When you are a spiritual person who wants to make maximum progress, and especially if this is your last lifetime, you have to realize that you might have many lower desires that you could very well fulfill in this lifetime, but they will be a distraction. They would take time, energy and resources, and it would detract you from your overall goal of spiritual growth.

You need to, as a part of your path, go through this process of taking a look at your desires, seeing when the desire comes from a separate self, and then instead of thinking you have to fulfill the desire, which might take a very long time, then you let the self die, which does not necessarily have to take a very long time, and you save a lot of time on your path.


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