2021 United States Capitol attack

Question: How does Saint Germain interpret the events of January 6th at the Capitol building in Washington, DC?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, if you can show me something in the United States Constitution, that describes such an event as part of American democracy, then I would be willing to consider your argument. But when I read the US Constitution, I do not see any place in the constitution for this kind of an event. It is, in fact, an antithesis to everything the constitution stands for, with an orderly succession of powers based on the elections, as the elections are held and as the votes are counted.

What I see here is that Donald Trump, as we have said before, because of his narcissistic psychology, could not bear to lose the election. He became pulled into a vortex of this illusion, this fantasy that the election was stolen, and he did not really lose.

After the election when he refused to accept that he had lost, he and his followers, the people around him and the broader population who bought into this, created a downward spiral, an energetic vortex that between the election and January 6 became stronger and stronger, until it not only overpowered Donald Trump and some of his advisors, but it overpowered many of those who considered themselves followers or supporters of Trump.

This caused some of the more extreme and unbalanced people that supported Trump to go into this state of mind where they started to feel that attacking the Capitol, entering the Capitol, breaking into the Capitol, even with the intent of forcing the vice president to do what he is not constitutionally authorized to do was justified. They felt justified in doing this.

But when you look at the entire event, how can you fail to see that this was an act of violence and force? What is the entire purpose of a democratic form of government? It is peaceful conflict resolution. How do you see this as peaceful conflict resolution? I cannot see it that way.

I know that many of the people who have been pulled into the vortex see it that way but that is because they are pulled into the vortex and they are seeing through the filter of the vortex. They are taking an ideological approach to the entire issue. They are refusing to consider that they could be wrong, that they could be completely wrong, that the election was not stolen, and therefore there was no justification for Trump’s behavior after the election, nor for the January 6th event, nor for anything that followed, nor for anything that some people think will follow when some mysterious force will reinstate Trump as president whereupon he will save America.

It just is not going to happen. It is a complete fantasy. The people who are being pulled into it are simply beyond my reach. I have no desire to change them. If they need that experience let them have it. But it will be the school of hard knocks for these people.


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