2020 women’s protests in Poland

Question: Could the masters comment and give a higher perspective on the young women’s protest in Poland that started as a reaction to tightening of the abortion law and the patriarchal mentality in Poland?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, it is clear, my beloved that Poland has for several years been in a downward spiral because the current government and their tight connections to the Catholic Church have basically undermined some of the progress that Poland had made as a democratic nation. It is clear that there are certain things that are undermining democracy, such as interfering with the courts, and so forth.

So this has caused quite a number of especially young people in Poland to become dissatisfied with the current government and with the church and they are ready to question this. What you see in this latest abortion restrictions is simply that this was sort of the last drop that caused the cup to overflow or the dam to break. People took to the streets and protested against this, which of course, is a very necessary movement in terms of bringing change to Poland.

It is clear that while the current government can be seen as a necessary step in Poland’s process, it is by no means the final step, there needs to be an entirely different approach to government in Poland. And the current government was, again, just a teaching device to see that going to extremes simply will not work. You need to find a more nuanced, a more diversified approach to the problems, because there is not just a simple black and white solution. Black and white thinking does not resolve problems in this day and age.

And this is what is becoming clear in many, many countries around the world, including what has the potential to become clear in the United States, after four years of a president who is blinded by black and white thinking. I know that some people will dispute this, but it is a fact of neutrally observing the President’s mindset and comparing it to our teachings about black and white thinking and you cannot if you are neutral, fail to see it.


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