2 fundamental decisions we made 

Question: In mother Mary’s Course in Abundance and Maitreya’s book on Spiritual Freedom, it is said that before we fully stepped into duality, there was a decisive moment where we had the choice of returning to or hiding from our teacher. The decision we took at that point to motivate our choice is described as the most fundamental decision we took, underlying all or most other decisions. In more recent teachings, more attention has been paid to our cosmic birth or earth trauma. In response to this trauma, we are again said to have taken a fundamental decision that underlines many or most of our subsequent decisions. How do these two decisions – the one we took when we turned away from our teacher, and the one we took after experiencing our cosmic birth or earth trauma relate to each other?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar for Russia – Overcoming the consciousness of Superiority and the Sense of Being Unwhole, Traumatized and Focused Outside Oneself.

The decisions are taken in different circumstances, and for different reasons. What is described in Maitreya’s book and the Course in Abundance is specifically the decision to turn away from a spiritual teacher. And the spiritual teacher was not in any way forcing you. The decision you made as a result of your birth trauma or earth trauma was made in response to the fallen beings, and they were indeed seeking to force you. So there is a fundamental difference there.

Now, of course, you can say that once the decision is made, it still affects you, and therefore the dynamic is similar. And the way to undo the decision is also similar: You need to come to see it, you need to come to see how it limits you, and then decide to change it.

But still, there is a difference in the sense that the decision you made as a result of the birth or earth trauma was that: “I never want to experience this terrible feeling again”. The decision you made to turn away from the teacher is more nuanced, is more individual.

Each of you had a certain reason for wanting to turn away from the teacher. It was not necessarily a fear-based, and in most cases it was not a fear-based decision. It was not to seek to avoid something. For many of you it was simply a decision of, you were curious to experience what it was like to be in duality. Or, you felt that you had stepped into duality, you had ignored the teachers directions, but you decided that you wanted to fix it yourself before you came back to the teacher.

There can be several reasons for why an individualized lifestream made the choice to turn away from the teacher. There can of course be also individual nuances on your birth or earth trauma. You see the difference here. There is no fear as such, you were not afraid of the teacher, because the teacher was not forcing you, was not seeking to punish you.

There may be some of you that have this view of the teacher today, but that is because you have taken on the projections of the fallen beings who are attempting to project that the spiritual teachers, the ascended masters, will treat you the way the fallen beings are treating you. In other words, they tend to want to make you believe that we will judge you harshly as they judge you, we will put you down, we will seek to punish you.

You could say that Maitreya’s entire book is an attempt to explain to people that neither he nor any other spiritual teacher will punish you or put you down when you come back to him. He will welcome you with open arms and simply look at what you need to do to move on, to move beyond your past decisions, and again anchor yourself firmly on the upward path instead of being stuck in duality.

In contrast to this, the fallen beings, of course want you to remain stuck in duality, and will do everything they can think of to prevent you from discovering, or anchoring yourself upon the true path of Christhood.


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