Was Mary Magdalene black?

TOPICS: Mary Magdalene had the deepest understanding of Jesus’ teachings - she was not black -

Question: Where did Mary Magdalene come from? I know her name means, tower. I sense it means one who has achieved higher spiritual attainment. Did she come from Magdala in Ethiopia which would mean that she was of the black race. (There is a sect of nazarene's that swear that Mary Magdalene is an Ethiopian Princess who came from Magdala in Ethiopia.)


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The name "Magdalene" means a tower or one who has the potential to rise above the crowd, even the crowd of the other disciples. Mary Magdalene did indeed fulfill this potential and became the disciple with the deepest understanding of my inner teachings. I have talked more about my connection with Mary Magdalene elsewhere.

No, she was not from Africa and her name does not refer to her birthplace.




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