Dealing with depression

TOPICS: Depression is an attack by dark forces - can become a downward spiral - overcome sense of being isolated - use spiritual tools - God often answers prayers through people - feeling stuck yet being unwilling to make changes - no shame to recognize you need help - you must be willing to make decisions and change yourself -

Question: Dear Jesus, You didn’t answer the last questions I sent you. I suppose you have your reasons but I am still upset. I will keep writing in the hopes that you say something.

I am struggling with anxiety and depression. I am really struggling. You say we can’t expect God to save us but we have to do the work ourselves. I hate hearing that. This illness is beyond my abilities. I am scared. Is it so wrong to pray for a miracle in my life? Is it so wrong to ask God to really help me, to really make that difference that I need? Believe me, I have tried to help myself but when my thoughts and feelings are chaotic I can’t employ the techniques on your website. What do you say to people in my situation?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


My beloved friend, even though I am an unlimited spiritual being, my messenger is a human being just like you. He only has 24 hours each day and consequently cannot answer every question sent to this website, especially since I have given him many other assignments that must be fulfilled in a timely manner. Therefore, there is a backlog of questions for which he has not had the time to get my answers. You are not the only one who has had to wait for outer answers. Yet all have the option of listening for inner answers that are always available.

When you are struggling with depression, it is always an attack on your lifestream by dark forces. I have talked more about this in the answer to another question and you need to study my answers. However, the biggest problem with depression is that it can become a downward spiral that causes people to isolate themselves more and more, until they are completely overwhelmed by the situation. You need to make a sincere effort to break that downward spiral, and you can do so in two ways:

  • One way is that you reach out to other people, be it family, friends, a church community, social services or a trained professional. It is essential that you reach out to someone who can help you break free of the sense of being isolated. I am fully aware that interacting with other people can often be disappointing, especially when you are depressed. Nevertheless, you MUST reach out to someone!!! Writing to me is clearly a sign that your lifestream wants to reach out. God is perfectly willing to help you, but in many cases God’s help does not take the form of a miracle. God’s help comes through other people who will be there for you—if you are willing to open your mind and heart to what they have to offer. You say the illness is beyond your abilities, and that should make it obvious that you need help from other people.
  • Another efficient way to reach out is to give a spiritual ritual. In your situation, it is essential for you to invoke spiritual protection, and the most efficient spiritual protection available on planet earth today is to give decrees to Archangel Michael. I understand that you feel like your mind is so chaotic that you cannot employ a spiritual technique. Yet it is not a complicated task to print a decree, to set aside time and to sit down and force yourself to read the decree from one end to the other. If you can write an e-mail, you can certainly read a decree, even if you do so in a somewhat mechanical manner. I can assure you, that if you will give this decree every day, you WILL begin to feel better. We have also prepared the Spiritual crisis Toolkit especially for people in your situation.

Let me say again that while it is good to pray for help from Above, it is essential to be open to the fact that God will often answer your prayers through people or other worldly means. The reason is simple. I have already attempted to answer your prayers by giving you direction through the still, small voice within you. Yet in many cases people are not able to hear that voice or they are not willing to heed its directions. Your remark, "You say we can’t expect God to save us but we have to do the work ourselves. I hate hearing that.” gives me great concern because it shows that you have so far been unwilling to heed the inner voice.

The reason is that you already know that in order to improve your situation, you need to make some changes in your life, yet so far you have not been willing to make those changes. This is a common occurrence for people in a state of depression. The psychological cause of depression is that you feel stuck, yet the reason you feel stuck is that you are not willing to make the changes that could improve your situation. Therefore, people are in a spiritual catch-22, a stalemate that seems impossible to break. Yet it only seems impossible because you are not willing to do what is necessary, such as seeking professional help or making certain changes.

Obviously, you are not the only person ever to be in this situation. Yet I hope you will realize than when you do not follow the inner voice, my next option is to seek to help you through a worldly voice that you can hear. If you reject even that voice, what options do I have left? I know there is nothing funny about your situation, yet there is an old joke which has bearing on this matter.

A severe flood occurs, and a man is forced to climb on top of his house. The water keeps rising, and the man prays fervently for God to save him. A rowboat comes by, but the man refuses to get in because he believes God will save him any minute. As the water continues to rise, he prays even more fervently. A motorboat comes by, and again the man refuses to get in. As the floodwaters reach the top of the roof, the man prays again and this time a helicopter comes by. The man still refuses to climb the ladder into the helicopter because he is expecting God to save him. The water continues to rise and the man drowns. When his lifestream enters the spiritual realm, he meets an angel, and he indignantly asks, “I prayed for God to save me, where were you?” The angel answers, “What do you mean, I sent you a rowboat, a motorboat and a helicopter, what more did you want?”

The moral of the story is, of course, that even though it is not wrong to pray for a miracle, you need to be open to the fact that the miracle might occur in a worldly disguise. If you expect an angel to appear in the sky and save you, you might overlook the angel in disguise who is standing right next to you. Incidentally, some angels have taken on the disguise of professional healthcare practitioners, and when you are faced with severe depression, it is no shame to recognize that you need professional help. Imagine that you had broken an arm; would you pray for a miracle or go to the hospital? So why not seek help with a mental illness? It is no shame to ask for help, but it would be a shame to refuse to take advantage of the help that is available in this world.

Do you think it was a coincidence that you found this website? No, it was an answer to your prayers! I have directed you to a place that has the tools and the guidance you need to turn your life around. So make a firm decision that you will use the tools that are right in front of you instead of praying for a miracle from the sky. And make the decision to seek the help of professionals who can also be an answer to your prayer.

As I explain throughout this website, everything in your life is subject to your free will. Your lifestream wants to learn certain lessons in this life, and even though it can be very difficult to go through a crises, God will not simply take away the lessons that your lifestream wanted to take on before you came into embodiment. That is why God often cannot give you a miraculous solution to a difficult situation. Doing so would violate the free will of your lifestream, even though your conscious mind currently wants to escape.

I have great compassion for your situation, but you must realize that I cannot help you against the free will of your lifestream. When you make use of spiritual and practical tools to relieve the pressure of the situation, you will begin to get more in touch with your lifestream and the lessons you came here to learn. You can then begin to look for those lessons, and when you learn what you came here to learn, you can be completely free of your current limitations.

You will then find that an entirely new world of spiritual growth will open up to you. However, the missing ingredient is your willingness to take the first step and to continue to make use of every tool available in order to break the current stalemate and move on with life. God can only help those who are willing to help themselves. If you will keep taking one small step at a time, you will one day look back at your current situation and be amazed at how much your life has improved.

Because you have free will, any improvement in your life must start with a decision. I understand that many people who are caught in depression need to be jolted out of their stalemate before they can make the decision to change. For one such jolt, listen to the dictations in the toolkit and allow the vibrations of Archangel Michael and Mother Mary to consume the forces of depression in your being!





Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels

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