The energy fields of the client and healer interact

TOPICS: Energy fields interact during a session - will the fields cancel out light from the masters? - the consciousness of the therapist determines what kind of clients are attracted - psychic healers and pressure to deliver - easy to tune in to lower forces - does not make client self-sufficient - codependency - generally, avoid psychic healers - does healer use spiritual protection - how to select a healer -

Question: Dear Jesus, can you give me an idea how accurate the readings performed by psychic healers are and what to look for in a healer?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


I cannot give you an exact number because it is meaningless to put numbers on this. To understand why, you need to realize what is happening in any process where a person has a session with a psychologist or any other type of psychic or spiritual healer.

There is always an interaction between the client and the healer. So what happens is that the energy field of the client and the energy field of the healer begin to interact during the session. The type of interaction between these two energy fields is very dependent on the contents of the two fields and how they either magnify or cancel out each other. What I am saying here is that the outcome of a healing session will be an individual matter that varies from client to client.

Let us look at the best case scenario. Let us imagine that we have a healer who is able to raise his consciousness and therefore receive instructions, visions and light either from his Christ self or from the ascended masters. Such instructions can be compared to a beam of white light that shines through the consciousness of the healer. The consciousness of the healer is like a film strip, and what reaches the conscious mind of the healer and client is like the images projected on the movie screen.

What happens when a client enters the healer’s energy field is that the consciousness of the client is overlapping the consciousness of the healer. In other words, the light from the ascended masters now has to shine through two different film strips that are superimposed upon each other. So we now have the possibility that the combination of the two film strips will cancel out or distort some of what is coming from above. Only a healer with a high degree of Christhood can avoid having his insights limited by the client's (or his own) energy field.

For some clients, the combination of the energy field of the client and the field of the healer might still give a constructive session that does not substantially cancel out or distort the light. Yet in other cases the combination of the two energy fields might indeed cancel out or greatly distort the light coming from above.

Do you see why it is impossible to set a general measure for the effectiveness of a spiritual or psychological healer? There are simply too many variables, depending on the energy field of both client and healer and how they interact with each other. Yet it should be obvious that the more pure the consciousness of the healer, the more pure the impulses that can be received from above. Therefore, it is extremely important to look for a healer who has followed the old admonishment, “Physician, heal thyself.”

Unfortunately, the consciousness of the healer will determine the type of people who are attracted to that particular healer. In other words, if the healer has certain unresolved elements in the psychology, he or she will often attract clients who have the same unresolved elements. The effect is that both the healer and the client are often blinded by their unresolved substance and therefore cannot clearly receive the instructions or the healing coming from above. What can actually happen is that a client heals several other aspects of his psychology without touching the issue that is unresolved in both client and healer. The client might indeed leave with a feeling that he has accomplished major work, yet he has not even touched upon the main issue.

Now let us look at a less than ideal scenario. We now have a healer who is not able to raise his consciousness to the level of the Christ self, or who is not able to do this consistently. Therefore, the healer does not consistently receive instructions from above. In some cases this does not have a detrimental effect on the client, it simply means that the client is not healed.

However, the problem comes in for healers who have set themselves up as having certain psychic or spiritual abilities. Such healers can easily become idolized by their clients, and the healer might fall prey to this idolatry and begin to feel that he has to deliver for every client. This ambition to always deliver an extraordinary experience or insight will inevitably cause the healer to tune in to forces that are not of the ascended masters.

It is very easy for such healers to tune in to psychic forces at lower levels. Such forces are quite capable of giving the healer wonderful visions and insights that might seem profound and exciting to a client who has not yet developed sufficient discernment. Yet in reality, such insights might contain subtle errors that prevent the spiritual growth of the client.

In my discourse on channeling I explain that some channelers tune in to forces that are not malevolent spirits but simply not as developed as the ascended masters. Many psychic healers do tune in to such forces, and in some cases they get instructions that are helpful. Yet the common theme for these types of healings is that while they might help the client resolve certain issues, they will not help the client become self-sufficient and able to walk the spiritual path on his own.

This has never been the methodology used by the ascended masters. Our goal is always to make the student self-sufficient and independent of an outer guru, so that the student can walk the path in the light of his inner guru of the Christ self, and therefore quickly come to sit under his own vine and fig tree of the I AM Presence.

The dynamic here is simple. It is always difficult for a client to rise above the level of the healer, and it is difficult for a student to rise above the consciousness of the outer guru. If the healer is not able to consistently rise to the level of spiritual self-sufficiency, then how can the healer help the client become self-sufficient and walk the path on his own? In many cases, the healer does not have the goal of making the client self-sufficient, because the healer wants the client to come back, either for the sake of feeling important or for the sake of making money. This then is the problem you see with many psychic or spiritual healers, namely that they gather a clientele who become co-dependent upon the healer.

It is quite possible that such clients for a time could actually receive genuine healing. Yet there comes a point when the client is meant to walk on his own. If the client is not strong enough to do this, and if the healer is not developed enough to help the client do this, then co-dependency will be the inevitable result. This can actually slow down or stop the client's spiritual progress rather than helping the person’s spiritual progress. This is not what I desire to see happen to anyone, and that is why I consistently, in all of the teachings given on my website, stress the importance of attunement with your Christ self and of never allowing any outer source to stand between you and your Christ self.


It is difficult to give specific advice for selecting a healer, because the abilities of healers vary so much from individual to individual. In general, I recommend that you avoid healers who call themselves psychic, because they often tune in to lower forces. I recommend a person with a professional background, for example a psychologist who is using New Age or spiritual methods. If you cannot find that, seek a person who is certified by some recognized organization or who has a professional appearance and attitude.

When considering a spiritual healer, ask if he or she uses spiritual protection against lower forces. If the healer does not recognize the existence of lower forces or seems indifferent to them, avoid that healer. Avoid people who think all psychic or spiritual phenomena are benign. Be aware that some psychics will say they no longer need protection because of their advanced state. Be very cautious of people making this claim as it is most likely (though not always) self-delusion.


Before going to a healer, use the spiritual tools on our website, as described elsewhere. Be aware of any tendency for the healer to give readings or insights that sound good but contain little substance. Be aware of a tendency to build your pride or appeal to vanity or a sense of being overly important. It is acceptable for a healer to help you build self-esteem, but there is a fine line between self-esteem and pride.

Always seek input from your Christ self, and carefully evaluate how your sessions with a healer progress. Be especially alert to any subtle movement towards co-dependence, either on your part or coming from the healer. If you become aware of this, or if you become aware that the healer is unbalanced or has unresolved issues, you might need to switch to a different healer. Or take a break and use our tools for a time, then evaluate how you feel.





Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels

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