The power elite and their henchmen

TOPICS: Fallen beings do not have spiritual light - those who fell are warring amongst themselves - unholy alliance between false teachers and violent beings - those who carry out orders blindly - the disembodied power elite - some people almost impossible to turn around - no will or egoic will -

Question: We've mentioned several times now about the top ten percent, the middle eighty percent and the bottom ten percent, and I was intrigued with the idea that there are beings on this planet who have a lot of wisdom - they fell in a higher realm, they have a lot of wisdom, they have a lot of light - but I would put them in the bottom ten percent. So can you comment on who makes up the bottom ten percent?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


“If the light that be in thee is darkness, how great is that darkness.” So, just to correct your statement that those who have fallen in higher realms have a lot of light, they actually do not have spiritual light. They have perverted light—the light that has been perverted through the fall, and therefore given a lower vibration, that then corresponds perfectly to the vibrations of the material realm. Which is why they seem to have power, and why they can impress other people and even make other people believe that they have light because people think that this power must mean that they have spiritual light.

And so, the people in the bottom ten percent are indeed, in many cases, those who fell in higher octaves, a previous sphere those who are the recalcitrant ones who think they know better than God how things should be done and how things should work. Which is precisely why they form the power elite who seeks to set themselves up as having total control on this planet.

And the only thing that actually keeps them from achieving total control is that those who fell in higher realms did not fall from the same bands of angels or from the same evolutions. And so they fell by perverting various God qualities, and now they are using those perverted God qualities to establish power and control. Which is why they inevitably clash with each other and therefore form power elite groups that are in rivalry, and this rivalry is then what keeps them from uniting and therefore taking over on the planet.

There are, of course, also members of the lowest ten percent who did not fall in the higher realm but who have fallen here on earth, or who simply are evolutions that became ensnared by the false teachers – as we might say, the blind leaders – those who fell from higher realms.

For you see, there is an unholy alliance between those who are the, quote-unquote, more “sophisticated” lifestreams – that did fall, that did have wisdom, that do have wisdom, in knowing how the material universe works – but they are the ones who become the leaders. But they are not willing to go out, of course, and perform the actual acts of violence that suppress the people. They are not willing to get their hands dirty, so to speak. And so they need those who will mindlessly carry out their orders.

And there are indeed various people from various evolutions, often those who have evolved from the lower realms, as Maitreya explains in his book, LINK who do not yet have enough spiritual vision to see the value of life. And therefore, they become the henchmen, so to speak, for the leaders. And they will go out and indiscriminately carry out their orders, for they have surrendered their will – not having a strong enough individuality in the first place – and therefore they have surrendered their will to those that they have decided are above them. And therefore, without even thinking about it, they carry out whatever orders they get, and therefore are the ones who commit these atrocities, such as shoving the children into the gas chambers, or releasing the guillotine.

There are, of course, also those in the lowest ten percent who are not following orders, but who have, through their misuse of power in many past embodiments – often actually by being the henchmen for the power elite – have lowered their consciousness to such a level, where they are not taken over by people in embodiment, but their minds are taken over by demons and dark spirits in the emotional realm. And so these then become the henchmen, not for the embodied power elite, but for what we might call the disembodied power elite in the astral realm, in the emotional realm. And they simply carry out these atrocities in order to, as I mentioned earlier, spill the blood of the innocents. Which then contributes to maintaining the power elite structure.

And these are, indeed, what we might call the lowest people in the bottom ten percent in the sense that they have the least will, and therefore the least potential to be turned around. For you must acknowledge, that those who are the more sophisticated souls, who fell in the higher realm, do have a higher sense of individuality and will. And this can actually, in rare instances, form the platform for their awakening, where they turn around and actually start genuinely walking the spiritual path.

There is no being that is beyond being turned around, but there are indeed beings who have so little will that it is highly unlikely that they can be turned around—at least in the short term. Often, these, actually lowest, lifestreams – those with the least will – will actually have to be pulled up by someone else that they can finally follow and lock in to, so that they can be raised in consciousness, gradually developing more will.

So I guess one might say that there are two ways to determine who are the lowest beings on the planet. You can say those who have the least will. Or you can say those who actually have, in some sense, the most will, but do not have it aligned with the higher will of their Higher Beings, and therefore act it out through the ego and the duality consciousness—and therefore misuse power rather than becoming instruments for the release of God Power.





Copyright © 2008 by Kim Michaels

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