The murderous intent against Princess Diana and resistance to change in Britain

TOPICS: Diana represented the possibility of renewing the monarchy - old aristocratic power elite did not want this to happen - murderous intent against Diana - where did the murderous intent come from? - reactionary force that does not want to renew British society - transformation of consciousness -

Question: Jesus, I'd like your comments on the death of Princess Diana, which affected a lot of people, and the question still hangs as to whether she was killed or whether she died of an accident.


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

At this point I do not desire to comment on whether princess Diana was murdered or whether it was an accident. What I will comment on is that everything that happens in the physical is an outpicturing of a condition in consciousness. And thus, what you will see is that princess Diana had come to represent what other masters have already talked about Link 1, Link 2 – the possibility of renewing the monarchy. And thus, I can assure you, that there is a power elite in Britain – not only the monarchy but also those who consider themselves to belong to the old aristocracy – who gladly would have seen Diana disappear for whatever reason.

What many of the people are picking up on, is that they sense that there was indeed a murderous intent against Diana. And there is a reality here, that had that murderous intent not been there, she would still have been alive. But you see, a murderous intent in consciousness can manifest itself physically in many different ways. And it does not need to have a deliberate plot in order to kill someone, for it can as easily precipitate an accident.

So what I want to impress upon you is—does it really matter whether it was murder or an accident? The greater question that needs to be asked is where the murderous intent came from. And then it needs to be questioned whether the source of that intent should be allowed to hide any longer, instead of being brought out and seen for what it is—a reactionary force that is trying to keep the British people trapped in past traditions rather that allowing a renewal of all of the institutions of British society.

You who are the spiritual people: do not become attached to or blinded by physical appearances. See beyond and realize that you are NOT fighting particular people in the power elite. You are seeking to help people overcome a particular state of consciousness. That is what you are about—a transformation in consciousness. And when you seek first the kingdom of God, which IS a transformation in consciousness, then all other things, including a change in physical society, will be added unto you. Thus, as the spiritual people, do not become involved with these questions that occupy the minds of those who are not spiritually awakened. Stay clear of them and focus on the transformation of consciousness.





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I suggest that if you are planning to fly, you purchase tickets that can be cancelled or have the dates changed without a penalty.

We will naturally continue to use the invocation to Astrea for consuming the virus, but given the experiences from Italy and China it may take some time for the situation to stabilize.

I am in contact with the people organizing the conferences, and we will keep you updated as soon as we have any concrete information.



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