Terrorist attack in Australia

TOPICS: Australia vulnerable - not high profile target - terrorists not rational people - aborigines and karmic vulnerability - use the spiritual tools -

Question: I read your answer about the terror attack in Spain. Are you also saying that a similar attack could happen in Australia (where I live)?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


I wish I could tell you that no terrorist attack would happen in Australia. Unfortunately, given the unpredictability of human nature, I can give you no such guarantee. From a common-sense standpoint, it is obvious that because Australia participated in and supported the war in Iraq, Australia is on the blacklist of certain terrorist groups. However, because Australia is fairly remote and not as populated as many European countries, it does not have the same high profile for terrorists who seek to create the maximum amount of fear and shock. Therefore, Australia should not be high on the list of terrorist targets—if the terrorist acted rationally.

Unfortunately, terrorists are not rational people. If they were, they would not be terrorists. They would find better and more rational ways to fight for their cause, and they certainly not would not fall prey to the age-old luciferian lie that the ends can justify the means.

What I can say is that Australia does not have as heavy of a national karma as Spain and many other European countries. Australia has been a more peaceful country than many other nations. The greatest karmic vulnerability for the Australian nation is the inhumane treatment of Aborigines. This has created a karmic vulnerability for the nation, and it would certainly be prudent for spiritually minded people in Australia to call for this to be transformed, either through the Violet Flame LINK or through Mother Mary's invocations. LINK Therefore, I strongly encourage people in Australia to give the invocations, especially the Invocation of the Flame of Peace LINK for the consuming all vulnerability to terrorist threats.





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