Is karma a false teaching?

TOPICS: You can indeed choose to change your sense of identity at any moment - until you do so consciously, your choices in the now will be affected by your sense of identity - you cannot walk away from misqualified energy - denying karma springs from an unwillingness to take responsibility for your choices - this means you cannot change those choices - the ego always denies accountability, and this shuts off the flow of love - only when you choose based on love will you avoid making karma - for some people a fear-based teaching is necessary for them to turn around - in today’s age, more and more people respond to a love-based teaching -

Question: Some teachings say that karma is just an illusion, because we create in the NOW. You are always free to create anything you want in the now, without being restricted by what you did in a past life. That is why we are kept from consciously remembering your past lives. Some even say that teaching son karma and the second death are fear-based and thus not from the real God, who is a God of unconditional love. They say all teachings that talk about an end to opportunity are false.


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


This is a misunderstanding of the mechanical aspects of the material universe. What you do create in the now is your sense of identity, and you do recreate that every waking moment. Therefore, you can – theoretically – choose to change your sense of identity at any moment. However, even that can be difficult because your past choices have created psychological wounds in your 4-fold vehicle or soul. These wounds are caused by decisions you made, and until you consciously undo those decisions and replace them with better decisions, you will not be free of those choices. Therefore, you cannot change the sense of identity based on those choices.

The law of karma simply describes the mechanical aspects of how the material universe works. Your lifestream can survive only because it receives a stream of spiritual energy from your I AM Presence. If you qualify that energy with a vibration that is above a certain frequency, above a certain mark, the energy will become your treasure laid up in heaven. It will return to you multiplied, as explained in my parable about the talents.

If you qualify the energy below the critical mark, you miss the mark and commit what Christians have traditionally called a sin. The misqualified energy will be stored in your personal energy field and in the energy field of planet earth. Therefore, when you return to your next embodiment, you will be affected by that energy. You cannot permanently ascend to the spiritual realm until you have requalified all energy that you misqualified while in embodiment on earth. Likewise, you create a separate self by accepting dualistic illusions, and these will continue to affect your sense of self until you consciously transcend them. So it is simply not true that you can, at any moment, choose to walk away from your karma or any other aspect of your past.

The choices you made in your past have set the stage for who you are right now—the sense of self you have. You cannot simply choose to be someone else without going back and replacing the limiting decisions that you made in the past. And you will inevitably make choices in the now based on your sense of self.

I do not quite understand how one can recognize the reality of past lives but at the same time deny that your past lives have any influence on your present life. I think that if you look at the logical consequences of this view of reincarnation, you will see that is not quite consistent.

In fact, you might discover that is springs mainly from an unwillingness to take responsibility for your life and recognize that you can only improve your present and future circumstances by undoing the imperfect choices you made in the past. Most people who are unwilling to take responsibility for their lives choose to outright deny the reality of reincarnation. Yet some people have managed to create a new version of the concept of reincarnation, which allows them to recognize that they have had past lives but at the same time deny that those past lives have any influence on the present. I cannot quite follow the logic of this belief in reincarnation without karma. How can you have your cake and eat it too? How can you change a previous choice unless you recognize that you were the one who made that choice?

I am aware that many people have an attachment to avoiding the acceptance of personal responsibility, and this can cause them to deny karma. It would be beneficial for them to consider why they have this emotional attachment, and I think people would find that the cause is that a part of them does not want to acknowledge the reality of life, namely that you do not have forever to transcend your present sense of identity. This it the human ego, which does not want you to realize that your actions have consequences and because of that there will eventually come an end to opportunity. The ego does not want to acknowledge any finality because that would mean the death of the ego. The ego wants you to believe that you can keep doing what you are doing forever, that nothing you do will have negative consequences and that you can keep postponing the day when you choose whom you will serve. If you can identify the ego, that enemy within, and see that it is not truly a part of your lifestream, you can make tremendous progress.

You will then find that a new world of growth opportunities will open, and you will discover the true meaning of unconditional love. The concept of love that some teachings present is that nothing really matters because in the end everything will be fine. The truth about unconditional love is that everything matters, because every situation is an opportunity to grow – meaning that you let love flow – or to shut off the flow of love through you. It is true that many religious people, including many Christians, have used fear as an excuse for shutting off the flow of love through them. Yet many people have also used the fatalistic beliefs to put themselves into a state of spiritual indifference, which also shuts off the flow of love.

Divine love is unconditional, which does not mean that it accepts everything – good and evil – as being equally valid. When a human being allows the flow of unconditional love through him or her, that person has the discernment to see what is of God and what is not of God. The person uses that discernment to never accept a limited sense of identity and to never let any of the conditions in this world become an excuse for shutting off the flow of love. You express love no matter what conditions you face, but you never affirm any worldly condition as permanent or ultimately real. Therefore, your love can easily be the tough love that challenges someone to come up higher—as you saw me challenge the scribes and Pharisees.

The only right choice is to respond to every situation with love—as I told people 2,000 years ago. Any choice that is not made from love is what Christians call a sin. Unfortunately, most people on earth have chosen otherwise. Because of that, they have become trapped in a state of consciousness that makes it very difficult for them to respond to life with love.

The stark reality is that a substantial number of people are trapped in a downward spiral that only leads them further away from love. Such lifestreams cannot simply be turned around by a teaching on love, as explained elsewhere. In many cases they can be turned around only through a message that clearly spells out the consequences of what will happen if they keep going in the same direction. And for many lifestreams on this planet, their opportunity to turn themselves around is quickly coming to an end. If they do not turn around and start an upward spiral, they will go through the second death. If they do turn around and start walking the path of Christhood, their time can be extended even beyond their original allotment. God has great mercy on lifestreams who show a sincere desire to come home.

One of the dilemmas we face as spiritual teachers is that many lifestreams on earth are unreachable with a love-based spiritual message. They are so trapped in a fear-based state of mind that they can be reached only through a message that appeals to their fears. It is a sad fact that the concept of Hell has been necessary to turn some lifestreams around. Such lifestreams responded only when their fear of Hell outweighed the immediate advantages of continuing with their current actions.

Fortunately, we are today moving into an age in which more and more people respond to a love-based spiritual teaching, which is generally what you find on this website. However, it is still necessary to recognize that many people have been deeply affected by a fear-based message. And since one of my goals for my website LINK is to help people become free of the fear-based doctrines they have been given by orthodox Christianity, I will gladly comment on such beliefs when people ask.





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