God’s grace, sin and karma

TOPICS: Forgiveness not free - Jesus not the only son of God - the Catholic church destroyed Jesus as an example - works and grace - Luther eliminated works, leaving only grace - you have to earn grace through your works - earth a schoolroom - through Christhood you do not make karma - grace removes karma when you transcend the old state of consciousness - karma is a teacher, not punishment - sin is separation from God - Jesus will not take people’s sins if they do not change their consciousness - you cannot hide anything from Jesus -

Question: Please clarify the role and the relation between God's forgiveness and Karma. It seems that God's forgiveness denies the work of Karma. God's forgiveness is free and Karma is costly. How can both: God's forgiveness and Karma work in harmony in the life of man?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


Let me first comment on the idea that God’s forgiveness is free. Where did this idea come from? Well, it started when the newly formed Catholic Church – in the Nicene Creed – elevated me to the status of “the only begotten Son of God, and born of the Father before all ages. (God of God) light of light, true God of true God. Begotten not made, consubstantial to the Father, by whom all things were made.”

By elevating me above all other human beings, the Church destroyed me as an example, thereby aborting – as I explain throughout my website LINK – the real purpose for my life and mission. I came to awaken all people to their potential to put on the mind of Christ and do the works that I did. Yet the Catholic Church completed the work begun by earlier church fathers of putting me beyond the reach of other people.

So if I could not serve as an example, why would people become Christians? Well, they would only do so if I could do something for them, and the church made this plausible by turning me into some all-powerful God who could do all the work for people and save them. The outcome was the concept that my blood on the cross provided the ultimate sacrifice that paid for all of humankind’s sins, past, present and future. As I explain elsewhere, this is a completely false idea.

Even though the Catholic Church committed a grave error – and truly committed blasphemy – by elevating me to the same status as God, it still maintained that salvation is won through both good works and grace. So even though the Church denies karma, there was at least an opening to the concept that your behavior has an impact on your salvation.

Yet when Martin Luther decided to correct some of the errors committed by the Catholic Church, he actually built on to those errors because while he took out some things added by the Catholic Church, he did not put back in what the Church had taken out of my original teachings—which did contain the concepts of karma and reincarnation. In his eagerness to remove what he saw as an overemphasis on good works, Luther’s only option was to reason that salvation is determined exclusively by grace and that you can do nothing to work out your own salvation.

Yet this also led to the convoluted idea that since you can’t do anything to earn grace, you really don’t have to do anything to earn it. Which is why many modern Christians have been brought up to believe that salvation is guaranteed when they declare me to be their Lord and Savior or are baptized into a Christian – preferably Lutheran – church.

In reality, grace is not free and thus there is no contradiction between grace/forgiveness and karma. The key insight that will resolve the enigma is that the material universe is a schoolroom in which you are meant to learn certain lessons that raise your awareness and self-awareness. You are meant to become a co-creator with God who has dominion over the earth, meaning that you can act in such a way that you do not make negative karma.

In order to build this mastery, you must experiment with your creative abilities, which includes free will. You have been given free will to do whatever you want with God’s energy, and you are constantly receiving light from yo
ur I AM Presence. Yet you are also responsible for what you do with that light, so if you use it for selfish purposes or to harm others, you make negative karma. You must pay back all karma before you can attain mastery and graduate from the schoolroom of earth.

Most people have had many lifetimes on this planet, and they have made a substantial amount of karma. A particular type of karma was made as a result of the person’s
conscious self identifying with a certain state of consciousness. The main lesson you need to learn on earth is how to rise above the duality consciousness of the ego and put on the mind of Christ, in which you never violate God’s law. When you attain Christhood, you can live and act on earth without making karma.

The consequence is that in order to attain Christhood, you have to separate yourself from any state of consciousness built on duality and separation from God. Once you have risen above a certain type of consciousness, God has no desire to see you tied to that consciousness by having to deal with the karma made through that state of mind. Thus, God’s forgiveness and grace can relieve you of the remaining karma.

My point is that karma – what most Christians call sin – is not God’s punishment but is actually a teacher. It is meant to teach you that if you misuse the light of God, you reap what you have sown. When you sow the wind, you will reap the whirlwind. When you have risen above the state of consciousness that caused you to make a certain type of karma, you have learned your lesson, so what is the point of still having to deal with the karma? If you have truly forsaken the dualistic state of consciousness, you will learn nothing further from suffering the effects of karma, and that is why grace can take it away.

Contrary to what many people believe, God has no desire to punish you, no matter what sins you have committed. God simply wants you to return to its kingdom, for it is God’s good pleasure to give it to you. Yet before you can find the kingdom within you, you must rise above the consciousness of duality that causes you to see yourself as separated from what is already inside of you.

My point is that forgiveness or grace is not free. Regardless of what most Christians have been brought up to believe by the blind leaders of mainstream Christian churches, you will NOT receive God’s forgiveness of a certain type of sin until you have completely forsaken the consciousness that causes the sin. It is a complete illusion that I will indiscriminately pay back humankind’s sin. I am eternally committed to the law of God, and thus I will not take away someone’s sin or karma until that person has truly been spiritually reborn and thus will not repeat the actions that caused him or her to sin in the first place. How can you teach a person financial responsibility by paying off his debts without requiring a change in consciousness?

So you have to earn God’s forgiveness by doing what I told all Christians to do, namely remove the beam from their own eyes. Believing that they can ignore this commandment because I will indiscriminately pay back their sins is the worst form of hypocrisy I can imagine—at least for those who claim to be followers of Christ. Paying me lip-service without a true change of heart will bring no one closer to heaven.

Do people really think that what they hide in their hearts and subconscious minds is hidden from me? Do people think they can fool me by adopting the outer behavior of “good Christians” without truly changing their state of consciousness?

When will Christians wake up from this mass delusion? When will they pull the beam from their own eyes, so they can actually receive my grace?





Copyright © 2006 by Kim Michaels

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