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TOPICS: Cannot choose to reincarnate any way you want - incarnation and reincarnation - karma makes it necessary to go back - free will and consequences - you cannot escape your sense of self - no choice without consequences - the cause of the fall - the way of the serpent and Lucifer - can remove suffering only by making better choices - past choices can limit future choices -

Question: Some channeled teachings say that after your physical death, you choose to return in any embodiment that you want to, not the same one or with the same consciousness. Can you please clarify?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


When evaluating a spiritual teaching, it is important that you use your intuition, and part of your intuition is common sense. In its pure form, common sense is the reasoning of your Christ self.

So when you read new ideas about reincarnation, it is prudent to compare them to the teachings on reincarnation that have been given in eastern religions for millennia and in western esoteric teachings for centuries. This should make it easy to see that the idea that you can choose to come back as anything you want is in direct opposition to virtually all other teachings on reincarnation found on this planet. One might reason that if you could choose whether you want to come back and how you want to come back, there seems to be little purpose for reincarnation.

It might be helpful to distinguish between incarnation and reincarnation. When your I AM Presence decided to create your lifestream, your lifestream's first embodiment was an incarnation. Your I AM Presence can choose where and how your lifestream incarnates, although it often works with other spiritual beings to send a group of lifestreams down for a specific mission. After your lifestream makes its ascension and becomes an immortal spiritual being, it can choose to send a part of itself back down into embodiment. This is also an incarnation because not all of an ascended being comes into embodiment.

The central idea behind reincarnation is that you must come back into embodiment. When you descend into a physical body, you become subject to the law of action and reaction, also called the law of karma. This law states that you are responsible for how you use God’s energy, and if you misqualify a portion of energy, you are responsible for requalifying that energy by raising its vibration to its original purity. If you make karma here on earth, you will have to balance that karma on this planet. So if you have unbalanced karma when your physical body dies, you are not free to go anywhere you want. You will have a karmic tie that binds you to the earth until you have balanced the karma.

It is the karma that makes it necessary for you to come back, and therefore it is also the karma that determines what options you have for coming back. In other words, if you made karma with certain people, you will have to reembody with those same people in order to balance the karma. You cannot simply choose to avoid these people in your next lifetime. Likewise, if you made karma my making certain mistakes, you will have to come back into a situation where you have the opportunity to learn from those mistakes so that you can overcome the consciousness that caused you to make the mistakes. For example, if you misuse power in one lifetime, you might have to reembody in a situation where you are exposed to the misuse of power. If you could choose to walk away from your mistakes, how would you ever learn?

There are indeed some people who have several options for how they come back into a particular embodiment. In other words, they can choose from two or more options for exactly when and how they want to reembody. Yet most people only have a few options, and some indeed have only one opportunity to reembody. This is easy to understand when you know the reality of the Law of Free Will.

I am aware that there are a number of New Age teachings, especially some (but not all) of the channeled teachings from the mental realm, that contain the concept that nothing is done to a lifestream against its free will. However, the logical conclusion of this idea is that nothing you do really has any consequences and that you can pretty much do whatever you want and get away with it. This is contrary to the life-experience of most people, and indeed the material universe has a way of contradicting this belief.

I have to tell you that these teachings are incorrect, and by using common sense you can see why. As I explain throughout this website, the Law of Free Will is the ultimate law for this universe. Yet this law works in polarity with the Law of Action and Reaction, the law of karma. You will reap what you have sown, as most religions on this planet tell you.

In one sense, one can say that nothing will be done to you against your free will, but it has to be added that your own past choices can limit your present options. In other words, every choice you make creates consequences, and those consequences can limit the options that are available to you in the future. One aspect of this is the karma you generate, which can limit your options for when and how you come back into embodiment. Another aspect is that if you choose to give dark forces an inroad into your life, they will deliberately and maliciously manipulate your free will. It is true that no being in heaven will violate your free will, but God has created the Law of Action and Reaction to keep your free will in check.

One of the ideas I present on this website is that planet earth is a schoolroom. Your lifestream is here to learn how to use God’s energy. If you could do whatever you wanted and never have to face any consequences, how could you possibly learn anything? What would be the purpose of a universe where there are no rules and where a large number of spiritual beings could run around doing whatever they wanted without ever facing any consequences? Such a universe would simply be chaos, and it would not be sustainable. It would gradually deteriorate until it collapsed under its own weight.


The one thing you cannot escape is your state of consciousness. You are in a given state of consciousness because of choices you made, and you will carry that state of consciousness with you when the body dies. Unless you make an effort to raise your consciousness between embodiments – as all spiritually-minded lifestreams do – you will come back into embodiment with the same state of consciousness. This will cause you to repeat the same mistakes over and over again, and that is why so many problems seem like they have no solutions.

Consider the philosophical implications. The problem with some New Age ideas is that they disassociate choice from consequences, and this leads to a philosophical catch-22. The catch is: if there are no consequences, where is the choice? Say you are taking a walk, and you come to a fork in the road. If both roads led to the same place, it wouldn't matter which path you took, so in essence you would not have a choice about where to go. You can have a choice only if the two roads lead to different places. You can make a choice only if you have at least two options and if they lead to different consequences.


The only way whereby you could have complete freedom to choose anything you want after your body dies – regardless of the choices you made during that lifetime – is if your actions don't have consequences. Yet if your actions don't have consequences, you essentially have no choice. This is one of the most subtle serpentine lies ever devised, and it was in fact the lie that caused the fall of Adam and Eve. The lie was that you could reach the same place, namely eternal life, by taking both the road offered by God and the road offered by the serpent. In other words, you could be saved by following the path taken by Lucifer and other fallen angels—the path of separation from God.


This simply is not true, and the proof is all around you. I think most spiritual people will realize that the many imperfect manifestations you see on earth simply could not exist in heaven. The logical conclusion is that these conditions are the result of choices that had undesirable consequences. Most people suffer greatly from these conditions, yet as I said, "Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?" (Matthew 6:27). In other words, people – even humanity as a whole – cannot simply get together and decide to instantly remove all suffering. The reason is that in order to remove suffering, you first have to remove the cause that created it. And suffering is the consequence of a limited state of consciousness.


People descended into that state of consciousness by making the choices to accept a number of serpentine lies that caused them to separate themselves from God and violate his laws. So the only way out of suffering is to systematically undo those choices and replace them with choices based on the truth of Christ. Change the cause, and you will automatically change the consequences.

The catch is that you cannot change your consciousness until you recognize that it needs to be changed. And how would you recognize that, unless the universe allowed you to experience the consequences of your current state of consciousness? It is precisely by experiencing the consequences of your imperfect choices that you gain the option of replacing them with better choices. Without consequences, you would remain in your present state of consciousness indefinitely, and that would be against the very principle of life itself, namely self-transcendence.

Let me be very direct. Any teaching that seeks to make you believe that you can do whatever you want – without having your present choices limit your future choices – is not a teaching that came from the ascended masters or any higher source. It could only have come from forces that deliberately seek to deceive you into thinking that you can do whatever you want. They do this because it can cause you to create consequences for yourself that will bind you to a state of consciousness which these forces can use to control you for an indefinite period of time.

This is not the way of the ascended masters, and therefore we do teach that your actions have consequences. We are here to help you see that your present choices can limit your future choices. We offer you the path to personal Christhood so you can learn to make right choices—meaning choices that don’t limit but enhance your creative expression. Spiritual freedom comes through the perfect vision of Christ. Freedom can never come from doing whatever you feel like at the moment with no regard for long-term consequences.






Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels

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