Will “none be left behind?”

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Question: How can the expression "None will be left behind", as expressed by various channelers and teachers, be reconciled with Jesus' information about the possibility of the second death. Or can this not be reconciled and is the statement "None will be left behind" factually incorrect?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


You are correct that the expression “none will be left behind” cannot be reconciled with the possibility of the second death, and therefore the statement is factually incorrect. However, the second death is simply an inevitable consequence of the fact that every lifestream has free will.

As I explain throughout this website, the Law of Free Will is the basic law of this universe, but it exists in a polarity with the Law of Action and Reaction, the law of karma. So you have a right to choose anything you want, but you will inevitably reap what you have sown and experience the consequences of your choices.

One might say that if you look at the forest instead of the trees, you have two basic options from which to choose. You can choose the mind of Christ, whereby you see your lifestream as an extension of an immortal spiritual being and see that you have the potential to unite with your I AM Presence and thereby become an immortal spiritual being.

Or you can choose to deny your immortality and thereby enter into the consciousness of anti-christ. If you stay in this state of consciousness long enough, you will eventually reach the end of your opportunity, and thereby your lifestream will face the final choice of the second death. Yet as I explained elsewhere, no lifestream goes through the second death without choosing to do so. 


This is why I said that I am come that all might have life, as opposed to the death consciousness in which most people are trapped—without seeing it, of course.

One might say that the expression “none will be left behind” can be interpreted to mean that every lifestream truly has the opportunity to come back home, if it chooses to do so. What I mean it is that there is a consciousness, even among many Christians, that certain people have committed such terrible sins that they could never be saved. The truth is that no matter what sins the lifestream has committed, in this life or in any past lives, the lifestream can always make the choice to turn around. The lifestream can choose that it is willing to leave behind the consciousness of anti-christ and walk the path that leads it to Christhood. And as long as the lifestream is on that path, and is willing to constantly transcend itself, that lifestream will not be left behind.

Another aspect is that the ascended masters never give up on a lifestream. We continue to approach every lifestream and offer them the upward path. That is indeed why the Bible describes how I descended to Hell in the three days prior to my resurrection. I did so to preach to the lifestreams who were stuck in the consciousness of Hell and offer them a way out. So one might say that none will be left behind, except those who choose to be left behind.

I am aware that in many New Age circles, there is a very subtle consciousness that in the end everything will be Okay, and therefore no lifestream will be left behind. This is very similar to the consciousness that exists in many fundamentalist Christian circles, where people believe that you will be saved simply by declaring that Jesus Christ is your Lord and savior.

The problem with this state of consciousness is that it denies the existence of free will, and it also makes people believe that there is no reason to truly make an effort to transcend yourself. After all, if none will be left behind or if Jesus will save me no matter what I have done, why make an effort to change my consciousness and come up higher?

The basic fact is that Christ consciousness means perpetual self-transcendence. Many people have an incomplete understanding of what it means to enter the kingdom of heaven. They think this is some kind of external event, whereby God, Jesus or an angel will suddenly appear and sweep them into a different place. As I attempt to explain on this website, the kingdom of heaven is a state of consciousness. So to enter the kingdom of heaven, you must transcend the state of consciousness that keeps you out of heaven, namely the consciousness of anti-christ.

My point is that if you allow any idea, any serpentine lie, to make you think that you no longer need to transcend yourself, then you have embraced the consciousness of anti-christ, and you have denied the consciousness of Christ. The key to entering the kingdom of heaven it that you constantly make the effort to willingly transcend your current state of consciousness. If you keep transcending your current state of consciousness, you will sooner or later cross the line and rise into the Christ consciousness that truly is the kingdom of heaven where you are. And only those who are in the Christ consciousness will not be left behind as the eternal cycles of our self-transcending God move on.





Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels

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