Overcoming frustration on the spiritual path

TOPICS: Walking the path is like trying to assemble a jigsaw puzzle without knowing what the final result will look like - the basic qualities of a seeker - how to rise above frustration -

Question: Dear Jesus, I have many questions about spiritual topics and I’m having a hard time grasping the reality of it. It seems that every answer I get to a question only generates a dozen more. I feel like I’m working on a complex jigsaw puzzle and every time I manage to fit one piece into the puzzle, a whole new load of pieces is dumped on the table. I try not to get frustrated, but sometimes I do walk away from the table for a breather. I always come back, though. If you could shed any more light on this subject, I would be very grateful.


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


I deeply appreciate it when a question demonstrates that the person has thought about the topic by using his or her intuition instead of the analytical mind. I fully understand your feeling that every time you think you have found one answer, that answer leads to more questions. However, what you are going through is only a temporary phase, and as you grow toward Christhood, it will come to an end.

When you start the spiritual path, it is like trying to assemble a jigsaw puzzle without having the box. In other words you don’t know what the assembled puzzle is supposed to look like, so how can you tell where a piece is supposed to fit? Yet as you continue to study spiritual teachings and seek intuitive insights, you will one day be able to see the picture on the jigsaw puzzle even though some of the pieces might still be missing.

I can tell you that you are demonstrating the exact qualities that are needed for spiritual seekers on the path:

  • You are willing to consider a topic even though it is difficult and goes beyond your current knowledge and beliefs.
  • You are willing to wrestle with the difficult questions and you refuse to let them go until you find a higher understanding.

Even the fact that you sometimes walk away from the table is part of the process. You cannot resolve some of these deep questions with the outer, analytical mind. So once you have stimulated creative tension, it is necessary to walk away and give your outer mind a rest, so that the answer can surface through intuitive insights. The entire process is the process of discovering and applying the key of knowledge. You might recall that I said the lawyers had taken away the key of knowledge:


Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered. (Luke 11:52)


The lawyers believed, as do many orthodox Christians today, that the truth can be found only in the outer scriptures, in the letter of the law. They were not willing to go beyond the outer scriptures and doctrines in order to achieve an intuitive understanding. They wanted only to consider what could be described in words and what could be interpreted literally.

Yet the simple fact is that words are linear, and the spiritual reality is spherical. Therefore, there is a limitation that makes it impossible to fully describe the spiritual reality with words. This becomes even more of a problem when people have descended into the dualistic state of consciousness that takes linear words and makes them relative on top of being linear. This makes it very difficult to explain spiritual truth by using words, because people will often interpret those words according to what they want to believe.

So the only way for spiritual seekers to know truth is to use words, such as an outer scripture or the words I give on this website, only as a stepping stone. The fallacy of so many orthodox religious people is that they believe the truth about God can be confined to a scripture composed of words. In reality, no scripture was ever released for the purpose of giving a complete and infallible description of the spiritual reality. It intended to give people a foundation that they could stand on as they reach beyond the outer words and open their minds to an intuitive experience that goes beyond words. So the words are only meant to be a tool that enables the mind to reach beyond the material universe and receive an insight that cannot be expressed in words.

This then is the key to overcoming your frustration. As you continue doing what you are doing, perhaps using some of the tools I give on our other website, LINK you will gradually become more attuned to your Christ self. Thereby, you will receive more profound insights about the spiritual reality. Many of those insights will be inner experience that are in many dimensions, almost like the difference between watching a photograph and experiencing the actual object in three dimensions. Some of these experiences simply cannot be expressed in words, yet they will still unlock your understanding of who you are.





Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels

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