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Question: Thank you, thank you, thank you. . . for creating this website and for writing the books. I am in the process of reading The Christ is Born in You. I feel my life changing within because the truths that have been revealed to me from these 2 places. I have been a mainline Christian from 20+ years and within the last couple of years or so have dissatisfied with the church in general because I have felt such hypocrisies and inconsistencies with the teachings from the church and the church people's attitudes toward each other. It all just didn't add up to what I felt you, Jesus, tried to teach 2000 years ago. So therefore, I have been on a spiritual search for some time now. 

I now feel I have had a lot of my inner lifestream searching and questions answered by this website and reading the book. I fully see that I am a daughter of God (father/mother) and that I am a Christed one, that I have a Christ consciousness inside of me. However, I am a very young Christed one (spiritually); I am striving to develop my Christ consciousness ever so more deeply.
I just wanted to take some time to actually thank you, two. I know that I can thank Master Jesus in my inner self and I do and have, as I know He knows this, but I just wanted to do it openly and to also thank you, Kim, for being a willing vessel for the Master to use and speak through. Thank you very, very, very much.
The more I read the website and the book, the more I want to read; I can't seem to get enough of it. Don't want to put the book down. I have the other book, The Inner Path of Light and can't wait to start that book either. I feel my spirit is truly being set free. I am 47 years old (young) and feel I am coming alive for the first time. Maybe I am actually being born again in a most true spiritual sense. Is this what it means to be born again, Master Jesus?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


My beloved heart, I can assure you that nothing warms a Master’s heart more than seeing a person go through the transformation that you have just described. This is truly the reward that we who are in heaven are looking for in our work with those of our brothers and sisters who are still on the earth. I truly wish that every human being on earth would go through the same transformation of being spiritually reborn.

You see, when you ascend to heaven, you lose the sense of division and competition so common on earth. You accept your true identity as a spiritual being, and you only want too see all of your unascended brothers and sisters accept their true identity as sons and daughters of God.

Despite the fact that so many Christians are attached to the idolatrous image of me as the only Son of God, I have no desire to be seen as an exception. I only desire all human beings to accept themselves as the sons and daughters of God they truly are. The Christian idolatry of me springs from the relativity of the dualistic mind, which gives rise to a sense of competition and exclusivity. Christians want to make me the only Son of God so that they can feel better than the members of other religions. Yet as you accept your Christhood, this sense of competition fades away and you can begin to follow my admonishment to love your neighbor as yourself. You eventually begin to see that your neighbor is a child of the same God who is your spiritual father/mother.

The sad reality of the situation on planet earth is that the vast majority of human beings are trapped in a spiritual, mental and emotional prison. They are so boxed in by erroneous beliefs about God and about themselves that they have literally become spiritually blind. Many of them do not even realize that there is a God or that life has a spiritual side. Therefore, they cannot formulate intelligent questions about God or about the spiritual side of life, and they go through life almost as in a coma, a spiritual coma.

As a spiritual teacher I am always hoping that people will wake up from this coma and realize that they are not mortal human beings but immortal spiritual beings. This is truly what I work for and what I have been working towards for thousands of years.

So I congratulate you with your spiritual awakening, and I encourage you to hold on to this awakening no matter what happens. In fact, I would like to issue a warning here that you be very careful and defend your spiritual rebirth against the onslaught of the forces of this world. You might see from the scriptures that my 40 days in the wilderness brought me to a new level of spiritual awakening. Immediately upon returning from the wilderness, I was tempted by the devil, which can be seen as a symbol for the forces, even the state of consciousness, that dominate this world.

The collective consciousness of humankind will work against your spiritual awakening because there will be people around you who do not want you to get ahead of them and do not want you to demonstrate that it is possible to awaken from the coma.

So I strongly encourage you to keep studying the teachings, including the teachings I have given about spiritual defense. It is very important that a spiritual seeker defends his or her progress on the path by using the proper tools for spiritual defense. However, the essential key is that you are aware that there are forces, including forces in your own psychology, that will work against your spiritual progress. Use the tools we have given elsewhere.

When you are aware of such forces, you can follow the admonishment to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves, and that is half the victory. It is an inescapable fact that you cannot defend yourself against an attack that you do not see coming. But as soon as you recognize the threat, you can immediately defend yourself.

Please do not let this warning dampen your enthusiasm for your new-found freedom. Simply be alert and aware and hold on to the sense of joy and enthusiasm. Also be aware that the joy does not come from the fact that you have found this website or the books. These are simply outer teachings, outer tools. The real joy comes to the fact that you have now made conscious contact with your personal Christ self and with me through that Christ self.

This is the connection that you need to maintain and expand. It is the connection to the inner teacher that is the essential key to spiritual growth and spiritual freedom. Hold fast to that connection, and do not let any of the forces of this world take away that connection. Let no force of this world take the crown of the inner connection to your Christ self. 





Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels

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