When your life does not seem to change

Question: I have tried my best to improve my physical, material and spiritual situation. I am feeling that nothing has been changed, so could you give me some advice on how to improve my life. 

Kim: Does it involve using spiritual tools or taking physical measures?

Question: He and people around him tried every method of various religious teachings, for example meditation and some rituals and they didn’t see any result of their devotion to meditation.


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea in 2016.


It is essential to realize that if your life has not changed, there is something you have not tried. Now, it may be that you have tried many outer things but if nothing has changed, you need to step back and look at the more subtle attitudes and beliefs that you have. You need to look at yourself and ask yourself some questions about how you look at life. 

There is a very, very common syndrome that we see in many spiritual and religious people. The syndrome is most obvious in religious people who have been brought up with the traditional concept of God that you find in several Western religions, where God is seen as the remote God in the sky or where I am looked upon as the Divine Mother. We are looked upon as a kind of Santa Claus that has to fulfill your desires and your wishes. There are many, many Catholics who believe that if they go into the church and say some Hail Mary's and light a candle, then I am supposed to magically appear and solve their problems for them. 

We see many, many religious people, who go through an outer exercise and then expect that somehow, by some kind of magic, their lives are going to change. We see in more spiritually aware people that they also believe that doing the outer technique, from meditation to invocations or decrees, should be enough to change their lives, but this is a misunderstanding of what the spiritual path is all about. The misunderstanding actually goes quite deep because first of all it is a failure to understand the significance of free will. 

Many, many people who are awakened to the spiritual side of life become awakened because they have a desire to change something in the outer situation. For example, we see people who experience an illness and then they hear about the potential that doing some spiritual practice could help heal them. So they start a spiritual practice for the specific purpose of solving a concrete physical problem. They may want abundance and so they think that giving a certain amount of decrees, invocations or affirmations, will magically bring that abundance into their lives. 

When you understand the teachings we have given, you realize that the physical situation you are facing is a product of what is going on in your three higher bodies, your emotional, mental and identity body. In order for you to truly change your physical situation, you have to change what is going on in the three higher bodies. This, of course, is what our teachings and tools are designed to help you do, and if you apply these teachings and tools, you will over time be able to systematically change what is happening in your three higher bodies. 

It will for most people take a considerable amount of time, whereby I’m talking several years, perhaps more, perhaps a decade or two decades, to bring major change in the three higher bodies. That is why Jesus told you to possess your souls in your patience by not becoming so impatient that you give up before you see a physical manifestation. 

There are many, many people who try a technique, in order to see a specific change, and they have in their mind that this should happen within a certain time frame. Then, if it does not happen, they give up on the technique. Some try another technique, others give up entirely on the entire idea that this can help. You see many people who actually give up before there has been time for the change to be brought through the three higher levels of the mind and into the physical. 

Now again, if you apply our teachings, you will be able to come to a point where you have transformed the beliefs, the energies, the wounds in your three higher bodies and now there is no blockage in those three bodies to the manifestation of a change in your outer situation. But there are two things that you need to consider. First of all, if your outer situation involves other people, such as for example your parents and family, then changing yourself cannot always bring about a change in the outer situation. 

If the other people are not willing to change, then there may be some practical things that cannot be changed by you changing yourself. There also is the consideration of the free will of the other people. Then you have the option to remove yourself from the situation and thereby bring about a change. But you cannot always expect that the other people will change, and you certainly cannot expect that changing yourself will also change other people. Again, we cannot use your decrees and invocations to override the free will of other people. 

Now, the final factor that you need to be aware of is that for there to be certain practical changes in your outer situation, you need to make certain decisions and you need to take certain actions. There are many, many people who believe that once they pray or give invocations to bring about a certain change, then that is all they have to do. Then one day by magic, I, or God or some other master is going to step in and change their outer situation.

When you understand the reality of free will, you realize that your outer situation, as it is right now, is part of your learning process, your growth process. You need to be aware and you need to realize that your outer situation as it is right now, is to a large extent the result of choices you made, often in a past lifetime. You may give the invocations to clear your three higher bodies, but before the change can become physical, there are certain decisions you need to make with your conscious mind. Therefore you need to be willing to look at yourself and look at the patterns you can see in this lifetime, of where you have not been willing to make decisions. 

There are many, many times, my beloved, where we see people and the only thing that stands in the way of a change in their life is that there is one decision they are not willing to make. We can also see that they have not been willing to make that decision or that type of decision previously in this lifetime and in many previous lifetimes. You can come to a point where in a past lifetime you have been hurt by making a certain decision, or you were so affected by the consequences of that decision, that you have subconsciously decided that you never again want to make that kind of decision. 

There are many, many people, who are actually going through life and they are relating to life, based on this subconscious decision that there are certain decisions they don’t want to make, there are certain experiences they don’t want to have, there are certain consequences they do not want to experience again. They are in reality not willing to take command over their lives, they are not even willing to truly decide: “What do I want in life and what do I have to do to achieve it?” For example (to give you a basic example), there may be people who are so afraid of making a mistake that they do not dare to put themselves in a situation where they are taking an education and they might fail the exam. Yet, these people still have a dream of having a specific type of job, but the only practical way to get that job is to get an education and go through that education. 

If you want to become a nuclear physicist, you need to go to a university and study this field. You cannot sit in front of your altar and give rosaries or pray and think that one day, a paper will manifest saying you have a degree as a nuclear physicist. This, of course, applies to many other more ordinary situations in life where we see people who are only separated from, or only prevented from experiencing a change by the fact that there is a decision they do not want to make. They do not want to actually look in the mirror and say: “How do I have to change myself, my attitude, my psychology, in order to manifest this outer change?” They do not want to take command over their lives and therefore they are actually not willing to attain mastery. 

There are many spiritual students who have actually been in an ascended master teaching for many years. They have worked on their psychology, they have purified their three higher bodies, they have actually attained a certain level of mastery or attainment. But they dare not physically acknowledge this and act upon it, they dare not claim their mastery, they dare not see themselves as masters, identify themselves as masters and act as masters. This, of course, is something we would like to see people overcome so that you can begin to express the mastery that many of you already have at inner levels. But somehow there is a decision you do not want to make so that you can manifest that mastery and express it in the physical. 



Copyright © 2016 Kim Michaels

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