How to speak about spiritual teachings

Q: It’s my understanding that the 10% of the most spiritually evolved people have to start speaking out, and I’m curious about how you get the courage to speak out. How did you handle this? You put yourself out there, and it is going to come back to you.


Answer by Kim Michaels, July 17, 2015 at a conference in Los Angeles.


Kim: The process I went through was that I first found the ascended master teachings in 1984, and for many years I was just following the teachings and applying the path. I was more or less invisible. I didn’t really stand out in any way because I wasn’t ready for that. Then I had that experience where I recognized that I had made progress. At the same time I had an experience that a lot of my motivation for walking the path was really sort of ego-based because I felt insecure and wanted validation. So I wanted validation from the ascended masters that I was a good student and had walked the path.

When I saw that, I realized I didn’t want to be in that state of consciousness anymore, so I just gave up that whole human motivation. That’s when I came to the point I described LINK where I had this experience of surrender. I literally felt I let go of my human ambitions to do anything on earth. Before that I was sort of being eaten up by the fact that I was getting older and felt I had a mission, but I wasn’t doing it. I wasn’t doing anything that made any difference. So I gave up the idea that I had to do anything and make a difference, and I literally said to God: “You can take me home right now.” I felt that, if I had died at that moment, I would have been completely at peace with leaving the planet.

That’s when I felt the Presence of Jesus, who said: “Well, if you have nothing more you want to do, are you willing to do something for me?” And I said yes. That kind of depersonalized it for me because I wasn’t the one doing this for myself. Therefore, whatever attacks I got, I didn’t take them personally. I realized it was an attack against the light. It was just people rejecting what they didn’t want to accept because they didn’t want to change. So I didn’t feel it was very personal for me for many years. It was not until 2009, when I divorced my second wife and she started putting a lot of negative stuff about me on the Internet – most of it just completely made up – that’s when it got personal for me. Because this was so directly against me personally.

Then I had a process where I had to deal with that. I had to go through some stages, and one of the stages I went through was to acknowledge that I was attached to having a good reputation. Because I didn’t want people to reject the masters because of me. I just talked to somebody who said that he had told a friend about my teachings. She was in the I AM movement, and she had gone on the Internet and found my ex-wife’s stuff and therefore completely rejected me and the teachings because of that. So I had to look at that and say: “But if I am attached to my reputation, it’s an attachment. I have to get rid of it.”

In other words, I realized that, just as I hadn’t felt it was personal before, I had to get to the point where, even though this was very personal against me, I still didn’t take it personally. I think that’s the key: You depersonalize it. The masters were talking about it in dictations also, that people are going to project at you their unresolved psychology, and you just have to see that for what it is and say: “It’s really not me they’re attacking. It’s really not me they’re talking about. It’s their own stuff they’re projecting.” Then I think it’s not really even courage because you are not so hurt by what comes back. You are not attached to it.

You have to realize that, whatever you say, somebody is going to be against it, especially when you take a stand for something that’s higher truth. Somebody will dislike it. At one point I had the thought: Well, the fact that they are attacking me shows that I must be doing something right. Because somebody is threatened, or they wouldn’t want to destroy me. So somebody, some force, is threatened by this.

Beyond that, I have to say that this is just how to deal with the negativity. But what really has always driven me is the love for the masters and for their work. I’m not doing what I’m doing because I feel obligated, but I love the masters and I love their work. I also love spiritual people. I love to see them transcend themselves. If I can be instrumental in that, then I love doing that work. I love just the idea that these teachings are brought into the physical where anybody can find them on the Internet or in a bookstore. That gives me a certain feeling of joy. So that’s what motivates me and drives me.

I think you have to get to that point where you don’t feel obligated to speak out. Because if you do, you’re going to put yourself in tension, and other people are going to pick up on that. They are going to feel like Jehovah’s Witnesses are trying to convert them, and it’s not going to be good. So I would say that it is really a key to find something you love. It does not have to be an ascended master teaching necessarily because you don’t have to preach the teachings. But find some topic, some area of life, that you really love, and then bring new ideas into that.

I was saying to one person that, after I moved back to Denmark, I met some people I’d known when I lived there. They were into hunting and fishing. They have been doing the same thing for the 27 years that I was gone. They liked me and they knew me, and I liked them, and I realized that I wasn’t there to preach spirituality to them. I was just there to accept them for who they are and give them total acceptance, and that somehow transformed them. Because I could see that just by making some kind of joke, or hitting a guy on the shoulders, saying: “How are you?” and giving them a smile, they are lifted up by that. And if that’s what you can do to help somebody, then that’s enough. I used to have this idea that I had to preach the teachings and get everybody to accept ascended master teachings, but I don’t even feel that way anymore. 

So what I’m trying to say is: You can put so many burdens on yourself about speaking out that it just becomes a nightmare for you to try and do it. And that’s why I think you have to look at what is your tension and then deal with that tension until you are non-attached. Then you can speak out of love and it just flows. I guarantee you that, when you do speak out of love, you won’t have as much rejection. Because, in a sense, you’re setting people free to accept it or not, and then you don’t have that reaction where they feel like you’re trying to sell them a used car. I think that’s a good place to be.



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