Why do some channelers say Muhammad ascended?

TOPICS: Muhammed has not ascended - false hierarchy gives forth false information - genuine desire to transcend religious warfare - people want Muhammad to have ascended -

Question: I have read your sections on Muhammad, and how he is not an ascended master. But other channelers have stated that he is. Why is there a clash in messages here if they are being received by the same sources?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (September 27, 2010)

There is a clash because the messages are NOT being received from the same sources.


Read my teachings on channeling, and you will see that there are beings in the lower etheric, mental and astral realms who will channel through anyone willing. These beings are not ascended masters, as they have not risen above duality. Some of them will actually use the names of ascended masters in order to give themselves credibility, and many channelers have been ensnared by this false hierarchy.


Take note that this false hierarchy is false in the sense that they claim to be ascended beings and thus impostor us who truly have transcended duality. There are also beings who do not claim to be ascended or use ascended master names and are still channeling. This is perfectly honest, as people must be given freedom to seek information from sources that resonate with their state of consciousness. Some of these beings are more advanced than most people on earth, and thus spiritual seekers can learn from them. Yet there will come a point on your path, where you will want teachings from beings who are truly beyond duality. It is difficult to rise higher in consciousness than your teacher.


So why do some channelers say Mohammed is ascended and why do many people in spiritual movements want to believe this? Because many people in New Age circles have a genuine desire to take society beyond the religious animosity that has caused so much warfare and conflict. They realize that religious tolerance can only come about when there is mutual respect among people from different religions.


They also realize that it is not realistic that any of the major world religions will go away. So they hope that people can come to see that different religions came from the same source. And as a result of this genuine desire for religious tolerance, people want to believe that all the major world religions are equal, which gives rise to the desire for all of the founders of those religions to have ascended. And since many New Age people realize that Krishna, the Buddha and myself are ascended, they also want Muhammad to have ascended. And while this is a benign desire for religious tolerance, the fact is that it cannot be achieved through gray thinking. It can only be achieved through Christ discernment. Gray thinking is only a step up from the black-and-white thinking that causes religious intolerance, but it is NOT the same as Christ discernment.





Copyright © 2010 by Kim Michaels

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