When will there be a revival or renewal of the Islamic faith?

TOPICS: Muslims must decide that they have had enough of violence - moderate Muslims must speak out - Islam has been misused for political purposes - the power elite in Muslim societies -

Question: When will there be a revival or renewal of the Islamic faith to move away from violence and politics and towards true spirituality?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (July 14, 2007)

Well, I would be happy if we could have that revival in Christianity. And so I prefer to clean my own house before I attempt to clean those of other people.

Nevertheless this is a question that, of course, I cannot prophesy about. Because how can you prophesy about something that is completely dependent upon the free-will choices of human beings in embodiment. The real answer is that the revival will happen when a critical mass of Muslims decide that they have had enough of the violence that is “justified” by their faith. And therefore, they decide to speak out in the face of the radicals who are misusing Islam for purposes that have nothing to do with religion – nothing to do with the vision and purpose of their faith – but is only another power play on this planet.

So it would be very advantageous if the moderate Muslims would come to an understanding of the very fact that their religion has been misused for political purposes as much as has the religion of Christianity. And this is a pattern that goes very far back on this planet, where the power elite will misuse absolutely anything in their quest for control over the people. And they have used both religious and political and economic philosophies to gain that control.

And so the moderate Muslims need to wisen up and realize that this is not acceptable to them. And therefore they will speak out—not only against the radicals but against the hidden power elite in Muslim societies that are simply using the radicals to stir up what they have decided is for the furtherance of their political agenda.





Copyright © 2007 by Kim Michaels

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