Question about unity

Question: What are the principals of unity and what types of unity are possible?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia in 2017.

At the present time it is not realistic to manifest unity on a large scale on earth because the collective consciousness is still so affected by duality and division. The best thing to focus on is as we have now said several times is to connect to your own I Am Presence and recognise that the unifying element between all people is that you are all spiritual beings. We have called this recognising that you have a basic humanity in yourself and that all other people have the same.

Now in terms of this awareness that there is something that transcends the physical that are tying people together, then considerable progress has been made over the last several decades. This is in large part due to the fact that so many people in many different spiritual movements and teachings have raised their consciousness individually and it is also in large part due to the fact that because of the greater amount of travel and interchange between people, people have come to see that even though there are certain outer differences, there is a commonality that transcends the differences. So this is truly what you can do as ascended master students, we recognise very clearly that you face a challenge as ascended master students, as all spiritual students face a certain challenge.

You recognise as we have said before, that if you are not growing in consciousness and especially if you are not approaching the levels of the Christ Consciousness, the fallen beings and the dark forces tend to leave you alone because you are not a threat to them. As soon as you start engaging and committing to a serious spiritual path and especially when you reach the levels of Christ consciousness and you recognise ascended masters then you do become a target for certain dark forces, certain fallen beings who want to do everything they can to discourage you, to divide you, to set students up against each other and even to create divisions within the psyches of individual people. So truly you need to focus on the teachings, you need to study the teachings, you need to apply the teachings, call for spiritual protection. But you also need to read between the lines or read the teachings we have given on transcending duality, making a shift in consciousness, depersonalising your life because truly we would like to see all ascended master students come to the point where you have transcended your personal reaction patterns so that when you interact with each other, it is the recognition of your basic humanity, your basic unity and oneness that sets the tone for your interactions. It is not your personal reactionary patterns. We have seen so many times in the past where students have been divided into various groups because certain people had a reactionary pattern that they had not overcome and just one little word or one little remark could cause them to feel insulted and so forth.

You also need to be aware as ascended master students that you will attract yourselves to each other in groups based on your past history. It can be karma, it can be unfinished positive interactions where you had a goal together and you didn’t fulfil it in a past lifetime. But many of you also have a certain karma, personality clashes that need to be resolved. It is usually so that students go through phases when they come together. Unfortunately we have seen many times that people do not get beyond the initial phase where they are often clashing with each other and based on these outer differences or based on some karmic pattern from the past they cannot find unity, they cannot find common ground. Of course we desire you in this age as the consciousness has been raised to overcome this first phase and go beyond where you can find that deeper unity. But the only way to really achieve this is that you heed what Master More said, “that you need to find something that you love more than these outer things” and hopefully you can find that you love the teachings, you love the ascended masters, you love your own growth more than these outer things.

If I could give you one piece of advice that you truly might use to transcend these patterns it would be simply this. The one thing that over the course of history that has caused more division between people than any other is the ego’s desire to be right. So many times you see people in all fields but often very much in religion and spirituality where you have some people that are trapped in this ego desire to feel that they are right. They have the highest teaching, the highest understanding of their teaching, the highest interpretation; they have some special authority in a group. They are somehow more advanced, more mature, more sophisticated or even superior in some way to others.

In previous ascended master organisations we have seen that students have taken the concept of a hierarchy in the spiritual realm and they have perverted it into setting up a hierarchy amongst themselves, where some students were considered to be higher up in hierarchy and thus should be obeyed blindly by the students who were below them.

My beloved it is one thing to obey a spiritual guru who has a certain mantle, it is another thing to demand that students should adjust to a hierarchy and should obey other students. It is far more positive to see each other as being students. You are all students, you are all on the path, you are all moving forward, you all have something to transcend otherwise you would not be in embodiment. Thus none of you can expect or demand unquestioning obedience from others because you never know when there is another person who can see in yourself what you cannot see in yourself.

We have seen how students have attempted to set them up so that they could not be questioned by others and this is simply the ego’s attempt to hide itself because it should be so that all of you could allow yourself to be questioned and you would be willing to heed the call of Master More – That if the guru be an ant, meaning it is another student, heed him or her anyway.

The one thing that you could all give up in order to create better unity is the desire to be right; and of course the extreme outcome of the desire to be right is the desire to make other people wrong. Once you have this dynamic established or culture established in a group, where someone is to be right and therefore want to make other people wrong in order to beat them into submission in the hierarchy they have set up in their minds then you cannot have unity. You cannot have it both ways, you cannot make some students superior to others and at the same time have unity as a group. It cannot be made manifest, it cannot happen, it has never been done because it cannot be done.

Truly it is much more realistic to adopt the attitude that this messenger has consciously adopted – that as long as you are in embodiment you still have things to learn, you have not reached some state of perfection that means you are beyond being questioned or learning something from others. You could also adopt the attitude, again as this messenger has come to the conclusion that, he does not want to interact with people based on them seeing him as superior.

You could truly all realise that if you have in your mind this division of those who are superior and inferior there is a limit to the kind of unity you can ever experience, but when you can accept that none of you are always right and that all of you don’t need to be right, and you can accept that none of you are superior to others because Christ and God is in everyone, then you can find a way to interact with each other where you can find that unity that can only exist among equals. You can find a much greater enjoyment, a much greater harmony, peace and unity in your interactions than you can achieve otherwise and this is of course, what we hope to see for all ascended master students, where you can show the example on what can be achieved on a world wide scale because if the students of the ascended masters cannot achieve a higher unity, how can we expect that those who are not conscious students of our teachings can achieve that unity.

It has been said years ago, decades ago, that as the students of El Morya goes, so go the world, and of course that is not an unqualified truth because certainly the world often has a mind of its own, but the fact of the matter is that is the students of the ascended masters can achieve a higher unity then you can pull up the mass consciousness. If you cannot achieve unity then your pull on the collective consciousness is far less, it will be scattered, it will be divided but unity can truly galvanise you, it can galvanise the collective consciousness.

You see, even as demonstrated by science that there are examples – for example, that the molecules of a gas can be oriented in many different directions but when a critical mass of them orient themselves in one direction there is suddenly a phased transition and all of the molecules come into alignment and are aligned in the same direction. The same kind of dynamic applies in the mass consciousness, if enough individuals can come into unity amongst themselves, it can create a phase transition where many more people, not necessarily all people, but many more come into alignment between that common vision and that sense that all people have something in common that is more important than the outer differences.


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