Question about the Philippines

Question: We ask for some perspective on the Golden Age of the Philippines

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2017.

Naturally we have a perspective on the Golden Age in the Philippines, my beloved, how much time do you have. We could give you teachings about the Philippines as well, but much of what we have said about the situation in Korea actually applies to the greater South East Asian area. So there are many things you could learn here because there are many, there is much in the dynamic and the mindset that is similar in many nations.

So what I would like to say right now is that the situation you have in the Philippines with the new President, is a somewhat disturbing or volatile situation. Because it is difficult for me to predict where this will go. Whether this will raise the Philippines up to a higher level or whether it will cause it to deteriorate into internal conflicts and strife, or outright anarchy and revolution against what many people see as an oppressive President.

So it is a good idea to make calls that there will be a raising of the awareness so that even the President and those around him can find ways to actually improve the situation in the Philippines without going too far into extremes of actively suppressing or even outright killing political opponents, thereby essentially undermining democracy. In other words we want the Philippines to remain a democracy. There is always a danger that a person who presents himself as a strong leader but nevertheless is the leader of a democratic nation, can become stronger than he is democratic to put it diplomatically.


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