Question about the group in Novosibirsk

Question: At the 2013 conference, Saint Germain explained to the group in Novosibirsk to concentrate more on the importance of the flame of love and pay attention to the flame of freedom. Did the group become the focus of the more concentrated flame of freedom? What was the development of the service at the present time? What needs to be overcome?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia in 2017.

My beloved, I am tempted to answer yes and no, but I recognize that the situation for all of you in embodiment is quite complicated. That is in a way why we rarely give specific directions to individuals or to a group of people. We face a very complicated situation when we are working with you. We have seen so many times in previous movements and dispensations how when we give specific teachings, people’s minds – I’m not saying egos only, but their minds in general – have a way of turning a teaching into something that actually blocks your progress rather than promotes the progress. Those of you who are aware of certain past dispensations will know that there have been times where messengers have given specific personal directions to individuals, or they have been giving certain directions for the group as a whole. In each case where this has been done, some people have made use of the directions, some people have managed to ignore them or explain them away, and others have interpreted them within their current mindset. And so, what I would recommend for your group is that you listen very carefully to the dictation given by Jesus in Holland. He gave a very profound teaching on what he called your spiritual modus operandi, your spiritual MO, which is how you see God, the ascended masters, how you see yourself, how you see the path, how you see your relationship to the ascended masters. There are many hidden treasures in that dictation, and in many other teachings we have given.

We have now for some time, in trying to explain to the more mature students some of the issues we face, the dilemmas you might say, when we are working with our unascended students and this is one dilemma. When we give a particular direction to a group of people, it is always because all of you who are in embodiment, whether an individual or a group, you are at a certain level of consciousness. We would like you to rise above that level of consciousness, and so we give a direction that we hope will help you do so. Yet it is inevitable that most of you will try to interpret our direction with the exact same state of consciousness that we would like to see you transcend. And so, this can cause you to create your own interpretation of the direction so that you are not following it, or following it to the fullest, but then again we need to consider what does it mean to follow an ascended master direction?

We sometimes give a direction that is expressed in words that are linear, but the deeper meaning behind the direction is not linear and so many people when we give a direction, they want to turn it into something very concrete, very practical, where they can say, “So far we have been doing this, now we are supposed to do this”, and then you might create some kind of ritual that supposedly helps you do the new thing. But do you see, my beloved, that what we are really trying to help all of you do is step out of your current mental box so that you can take a step higher on the path. This applies to you individually, each one of you. It applies to this group here in Novosibirsk, it applies to any group.

And so, surely you have been willing to consider my direction and some of you have come to a higher understanding, but others have interpreted it within what is sort of your spiritual MO as a group. And again I am in no way criticizing you. I honor the work you have been doing, that you have been doing it for so long, and that you have attracted many students and helped many people. It is simply that if you want to grow to a higher level, then obviously you need to transcend the consciousness you have right now. This is not saying − my beloved, take note of this − that there is anything wrong with the consciousness you have right now. You can continue to run the center the way you have been doing it. You can still help a lot of people and have a certain success but there is a higher potential for you, and you of course cannot manifest that higher potential in the state of consciousness you are in right now. So the only way to manifest the higher potential is to transcend that consciousness and the challenge that each and every one of you in embodiment, each and every one of us while we were in embodiment, face is simply this: how do you see your state of consciousness while you are inside of it? And that is why we have given you teachings about the Conscious You that has the ability to have an experience of stepping outside. But in order to realize that ability, you have to be willing to see what you cannot see. You have to acknowledge that there is something you are not seeing and then you have to be willing to see it, otherwise you cannot.

And so, again, truly there is a higher potential for your group. Can I give it to you right now? Nay, because it is multifaceted. It is not simply one thing. It is not that I can say, “Now start doing this,” or even this and this and the next thing. It is not that I can give you concrete directions for what you should be doing. What I am talking about is the potential to step up higher where more and more people in your group dare to open your intuition, follow you intuition, express your intuition, and where you can become more intuitive as a group. You can come to a point where you dare to flow with the intuition and you are not as bound by these outer rules as you have been so far.

And so you could if you desire to receive more help, or if you desire to receive more of a vision, look at the development that this messenger has described, that he has gone through, where he has gradually depersonalized his service, he has gradually learned to flow more, be more in the moment, not plan and think so far ahead and this can help you realize this potential.

There is only so far you can go with the approach you have taken up until now. You can still continue in this approach. You can still help a lot of people, but as I said, if you want to go to the next level, then you need to think outside the box. You need to start realizing that you have a box and again, it is not a criticism, it is just the situation faced by all people in embodiment. This messenger of course is no exception and so there can come that point where you might step back and look at yourselves and your service. You might have open discussions about it where people can feel free to express anything they desire to express. You might ask people openly, “Are there things you have wanted to say that you have not felt you could say?”, and then try to create an environment where people can freely express what they want to express. I realize this remark is surprising to some of you, but if you look more closely, you might discover that there are things that not all of you have felt free to talk about. Some of you have not even felt free to think about it, and to acknowledge this in yourselves. And so there can come that point where even the strong sense of cohesion and loyalty you have built in your group, while a good quality, can also prevent you from speaking freely about many issues because you feel that there are certain things that make your group function that you shouldn’t question, you do not want to hurt other people’s feelings, many of these considerations.

And so this of course applies to all groups, and you see in just about every group that there is a certain mechanism that comes into play after some time where the people no longer feel so free to talk about certain things. And there is of course a certain balance, but what I’m saying is that there are certain times where any group will benefit from creating an environment, an event or more where people can freely express. It doesn’t mean that everything that is expressed has to be acted upon, but it is important that it can be expressed, and expressed freely, without anyone feeling uncomfortable or insecure about doing so, or about the reaction they will get from the group.

Truly, there are few activities that human beings undertake on Earth that are more difficult and more complex than creating a spiritual group and maintaining it for some time. The fallen beings always want to divide and conquer, they always want to destroy and break up, they want to set people up against each other. So I fully recognize that it is necessary to take certain measures to prevent unharmony or fractures in the group and these measures you have taken and so you realize I hope how delicate this topic is. How difficult it is for me even as an ascended master, to give you a clear direction that says do this or do that. But I have given you the thoughts that I want to give you for now, and there is much in here, and in Jesus’ dictation from Holland that can help you shift your group onto an upward track that can take you to the next level according to your potential.


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