Children and church attendance

TOPICS: Bring young children if you go to church - do not force older children to go - avoid fear or sense of obligation - if possible, find church based on inner approach to religion -

Question: Do you believe regularly attending church is an important foundation for children's spiritual development?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


That certainly depends on which church we are talking about, and it depends on the attitude to spirituality taken by the parents and the people that your child will meet in church.

In general, let me say that if you regularly attend church, I encourage you to bring your children. However, it is important to be sensitive to the individual child. So my recommendation is that parents bring their young children whenever practical. This sets a good example for the children. When the children grow older, be sensitive to the children and do not force them to go.

If you are a spiritual seeker, it is reasonable to assume that your children are ready for a spiritual approach to religion. Therefore, it would be potentially detrimental to such children to take them to a traditional or orthodox Church. It would be especially detrimental to force them to go every Sunday, because it easily introduces the concept that religion is something you do out of a sense of fear and obligation instead of with a sense of curiosity and joy.

The ideal situation would be to find a church that is based on the inner approach to religion. If you cannot find such a church, you might look for a church that has a child program based on stimulating the child's curiosity and sense of joy. If you cannot find an outer church that fulfills these requirements, it will be better for you to have a short service at home with your children, or perhaps to band together with other like-minded parents.

I realize that my comments will shock many orthodox Christians, but then again how many orthodox Christians will study this website? The simple fact is that forcing your children to go to church will not help their spiritual growth. Many children will inevitably rebel against such force when they reach their teens, and it often causes them to reject all religion or their parent's religion. This can easily set a pattern that the children cannot break on their own.

In contrast, if you help your children become seekers of truth, they will naturally find a church as they grow up. This will be a church that they accept on their own, but if your church allows them room to grow, it is likely that they will accept your church.

Be sensitive to your children, and if they begin to express reluctance to go to church, do not force them. Allow them to stay home when they ask for it, and perhaps encourage them to go every other time or more rarely. Once again, if you are a seeker of truth, you will always attempt to encourage your children’s spiritual quest rather than forcing religion or church upon them as a straitjacket for their minds.





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