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TOPICS: Jesus would have had his disciples go to therapy - get in touch with suppressed anger in order to resolve it - emotions are meant to flow - emotions give movement to anything coming from the mental body - cause of anger in mental body - anger caused by thoughts that life should be a certain way - someone must be to blame - stopping anger before it becomes emotional - negative emotional spiral - expressing or suppressing all anger not healthy - combine therapy with tools given by the masters - resolve cause of anger in mental and identity body - anger against yourself -

Question: I have been going to therapy to heal some of the traumatic events I experienced as a child. I go to a very good gestalt therapist who, along with me, agrees with the many teachings on this website. I have been sent mixed messages by the universe lately. Many of the modern techniques used to heal the psyche encourage one to go inside and feel the anger that has been suppressed for many years. I am told it is healthy to be angry at times, it is part of being human. It is also necessary to let the people who hurt you know that you are angry at what they did in a healthy way. My present state of awareness is 100% congruent with this. What's the real deal with anger? If it is not healthy for one to be angry then why is that emotion "hardwired" into our being. In other words why do we as humans have anger when it is an unhealthy emotion. 


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


Let me begin by commending you for going to therapy. As I have said before, if the modern forms of therapy had been available 2,000 years ago, I would have had all my disciples engage in some form of therapy. The blocks and wounds in your psychology represent one of the major hindrances to your spiritual progress, so if the tools are available for healing such wounds, why not make use of them? Not doing so would be like refusing to take penicillin to cure pneumonia.

I understand your confusion about anger, so let me give you some thoughts on this topic. First of all, it is correct when many modern healing techniques encourage people to go inside and get in touch with the anger that has been suppressed. However, it is important to keep in mind that the purpose for doing this obviously should not be to get people to take their anger out on other people. In other words, the purpose of these forms of therapy is not to get you to fly into a rage and beat up on the first person that comes around. The purpose is to help you get in touch with the suppressed feelings, so that you can recognize them and thereby resolve them in a constructive manner. There is an obvious difference between letting someone know you are angry at his or her actions and taking your anger out on that person.

Feelings, or emotions, can be described as energy in motion. If you will study my discourse on the levels of the material universe, you will see that I talk about the emotional body. The emotional body is meant to take the thoughts that are formulated in your mental body and give them movement, so that they can manifest in the material realm. Therefore, your emotions are meant to flow, and if you attempt to suppress your emotions, you will block the natural flow of energy through your consciousness. This will inevitably cause various psychological problems, and it is very significant and highly beneficial for people to use healing techniques to go in and resolve these blocks, so that the energy of their emotions can again start flowing naturally.

The problem with emotions is that they simply give movement to anything that enters the emotional body from the mental body. In other words, the emotional body does not discriminate and discern whether something is good or bad, right or wrong, constructive or self-destructive. The emotions simply act on whatever comes into the emotional body from the mental body. That is why it is necessary that you have some control, with your conscious mind, over your emotions.

There are some situations where expressing anger would lead to negative consequences, and therefore suppressing that anger is the lesser evil. The problem appears when people constantly suppress the anger instead of seeking to resolve the cause of the anger in the mental body, and even in your etheric body that anchors your sense of identity.

The simple fact is that while anger is an emotion, anger does not originate in the emotional body. It originates in the form of thoughts in the mental body, especially thoughts that cause you to think that life should be a certain way and that if your outer situation does not live up to expectations, then there is something wrong. These thoughts can make you think that if the world does not treat you the way you think you should be treated, an injustice has been committed and someone must be to blame. This then causes the thought that another person is to blame, and this releases the emotion of anger which can cause you seek revenge or attempt to punish the other person.

The problem is that most people do not understand how their emotions originate from thoughts. They have not learned to reach up into the mental body and discover the process whereby thoughts are formed. They have not made the effort to examine their basic beliefs and attitudes toward life and see how those attitudes give rise to specific thoughts that then release certain emotions, such as anger. In other words, most people do not have an understanding of what goes on at the subconscious levels of their minds, and both the emotional body and the mental body are below the level of what is conscious awareness for most people. So what happens to most people is that when they experience a situation that violates their expectations, they do not see the thoughts that trigger the emotions. They simply experience that their emotional body starts going wild and they feel anger.

At that moment, the anger has already been produced, the fire has already taken hold and you are left trying to put it out. Your conscious mind now has to make the choice as to what it will do with that anger. Some people do not have enough self-control to avoid acting out their anger, so they act upon it in various ways. This often causes a negative reaction from other people, which is reflected back on you. This can lead to the creation of a negative spiral that produces more and more anger. As the emotional energy continues to build, a vortex of energy is formed in your energy field, in your emotional body. This vortex can eventually become so strong that it overpowers your attempt to control it, and you have then lost control of yourself. This is what causes some people to develop a chronic anger that they cannot control.

Other people, often guided by religious attitudes or doctrines, adopt the belief that feeling or expressing anger is always wrong. Therefore, they use all of their willpower in an attempt to suppress the anger. Some people are successful in doing this for a time, but again of vortex of energy will start forming in the subconscious mind, and eventually it can become so strong that it overpowers people's conscious willpower. Other people have such strong self-control that they can suppress the anger for an entire lifetime, yet doing so will have various effects on the psyche and the body. Many diseases are simply the physical effects of suppressed emotions, including anger. My point is that the approach taken by many Christians, namely to suppress all anger, is not the most healthy approach.

There are two things you can do to develop a more constructive approach to anger. The first one is to use various modern healing techniques to uncover suppressed anger and resolve those feeling permanently. This means expressing your anger in a way that does not create a negative spiral between you and other people. In other words, it is not healthy to take your anger out on other people, although it is healthy to express it in a more controlled environment. Certain modern healing techniques, including gestalt therapy, can help people get in touch with their anger and express it in a way that actually helps them reestablish the natural flow of energy through their emotional bodies.

The problem with such healing techniques is that even though expressing your anger is helpful in terms of reestablishing the proper flow of energy, the anger you expressed still represents a certain amount of misqualified energy. As I explain throughout our websites, there is a constant stream of energy that flows from your spiritual self through the various levels of your mind. When you engage in negative thoughts and feelings, you misqualify energy and the energy will remain in the misqualified state until you do something to purify it.

It is precisely the misqualified energy that accumulates in your energy field and creates a negative vortex that acts as a block to the natural flow of energy. So unlocking that block through therapy is beneficial, yet expressing your anger does not transform the negative energy. Therefore, it would be extremely beneficial for yourself, and for humanity as a whole, even the planet as a whole, if all modern therapists would become aware of the need to transform the negative energy. This is precisely why we of the ascended masters have released techniques for transforming negative energy, including the Violet Flame and the rosaries that you find on the toolbox website. I would therefore strongly recommend that people combine therapy with the use of techniques for transforming negative energy. This would greatly speed up the process of healing and lead to much better results.

Now for the second step in the healing process. As I said, your emotions originate as thoughts. If you truly want to heal your psyche, it is not enough to get in touch with your anger, to express that anger and to transmute the negative energy produced by the anger. After you work through your anger and reestablish a proper flow of energy through your emotional body, you need to go to the next level, which is to go into the mental body and uncover the thoughts and attitudes that lead to anger. You then need to realize that these thoughts spring from certain decisions you made about how you see yourself, how you see God and how you see your relationship to God. When you uncover these thoughts, you can then begin to replace the limiting decisions that lead to anger with better decisions.

What I am talking about here is a process of taking command over every part of your being, including your mental body and your sense of identity. This process really is the path to personal Christhood, and as you walk that path, you will gradually replace all limiting attitudes and beliefs with higher beliefs. At the end of this process you will end up being in complete command of yourself, so that you can respond to whatever happens in this world without having that response dictated by blocks in your emotional body, limiting decisions in your mental body or even a limiting sense of identity in your etheric body. You will then live up to the saying that the prince of this world comes and has nothing in you whereby he can manipulate or control you.

When you have achieved this inner freedom, you will never feel the human anger that most people experience. This form of anger is an anger that is always based on a sense of injustice and a sense of blame. Someone has done something wrong, they deserve to be blamed for doing it, and you are going to let them know so in no uncertain terms. This form of anger always springs from a desire to punish someone, either through physical actions or through making them feel bad about what they did to you. This can include punishing yourself and making yourself feel bad for mistakes you supposedly made.

Incidentally, anger that is not directed at another person (for example out of fear) will end up being directed at yourself. That is why many people who were abused as children feel an, often hidden, anger against themselves, and they need to make an effort to forgive themselves and transmute the anger. 


Truly, becoming free of human anger is doable, but also be aware of my comments about the difference between human anger and holy wrath.


Finally, let me say that anger is not hard-wired into the spiritual part of your being or into the Conscious You; it is only hard-wired into the dualistic mind. So the key to overcoming human anger is to rise above that state of consciousness, to put off the old man of the dualistic mind and put on the new man of the Christ mind. This process is what I explain throughout this website.





Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels

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