Accepting yourself as you are

Question: Accepting yourself seems to be one thing – is loving yourself a step further?


This answer was given by Kim Michaels at a conference in Holland.


Kim: I don’t know, maybe they are two sides of the same coin in a way. But yes, I think it is. I think it is. Because I think there is more opposition on the planet to loving yourself.  I would say that it’s been a while since I came to the realization that I didn’t accept myself, and then I worked with that. But even after I’d done that, I wasn’t loving myself like that shift that just happened the other day.


Question: So that’s the first step? 


Kim: For me at least it was, yes. I think what happened to me, when I was going through not accepting myself, was that I came to that point of accepting that I’m in the process of growing, and that’s okay. In other words, I don’t have to be perfect. But it was also in a period where I was really working with unconditional love, because I had experienced it. But it took me a while to actually accept that I was worthy of unconditional love. In my mind I thought that, in order to receive unconditional love, I had to live up to some conditions. It was not until it clicked in me how completely ridiculous that was that I could accept myself. But that was still not the same as loving myself, because I was still seeing I was receiving that love from God.


Comment: I think it is kind of dangerous if I say I’m worthy. I think that is my ego talking, that I am worthy of unconditional love.


Kim: Yes, and for many years my main reason for not wanting to accept myself or love myself – or acknowledge that I was a good person, or that I had some attainment and some knowledge and mastery on the path – was that I didn’t want to go into pride. Because I was very aware of pride, and it is a trap on the path, and it’s very easy to fall into it. You can fall into it right up until the moment you ascend, you know. You can be prideful of something. So it’s valid to have that in your mind.

But on the other hand, I also came to realize that if you are so aware of trying to avoid pride, that also becomes a trap because you are running away from it. If you’re not daring to acknowledge yourself and accept yourself because you’re afraid of being prideful, then you are also holding yourself down, putting yourself down. So it’s like in order to avoid being prideful, you have to put yourself down. Because that’s what I was doing: I was putting myself down and not daring to acknowledge that I am a good person, that I am an acceptable person.

I’ve always had this in my life, that it’s like I’m becoming aware of a certain issue and then there’s a certain statement that just helps me. So at one point I received the statement: “There’s nothing wrong with me,” and I repeated that. It became my mantra. I meditated on it for a long time before I had really integrated that and could accept it. That was still not quite the same as accepting myself for who I am. But it was a necessary step that I wasn’t flawed, that there’s nothing wrong with me as a being. Then comes accepting the positive that you are, and then comes loving that. 

You know, what is loving? It’s magnifying. You magnify what you love so if you’re loving yourself, you are magnifying the divine individuality that God gave you. If you’re not doing that, you’re putting down the divine individuality that God gave you.


Comment: It’s a very thin line. 


Kim: Yes, it is, like everything in the physical octave. This latest dictation of Mother Mary almost blew me away when I received those concepts. You know, you have these idols of the spiritual masters – like the Buddha under the Bo tree, totally non-attached and totally at peace – I’ve always thought that’s kind of like a static state. What I realized was that Mother Mary was saying, “No it’s not because as long as we are in an unascended sphere – and I think even in the ascended sphere, because it’s just a higher vibration – there’s always going to be the swing of the pendulum.” 

That concept I’d never even thought about before, and I thought that is really, really profound. Because in a sense it’s like, in order to get away from the disharmony and the conflict, I’ve been trying to create standstill. But then I’m not being a co-creator. I’m not expressing the gift that God gave me, so that’s not what I meant to do. Instead I would be like the Buddha, who sits there and nothing happens. There’s no output and no input. When I’m the co-creator, I’m the upward spiral, and that’s the whole new concept I haven’t integrated yet.



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