Not allowing physical limitations to stop your spiritual growth

TOPICS: Do not let physical limitations hold back your spiritual growth - your mental images have created your physical conditions - dismiss the lie that matter has power over your spirit - you can always take the next step - you can have a seismic shift in awareness - your consciousness has created physical conditions - you have taken on the mass consciousness -

Question: You explained how to confront emotional and psychological difficulties of realizing Christhood. Could you also address the physical limitations that we face in the three-dimensional world, such as chemical imbalances, low blood sugar, attention deficit disorder (ADD), and all the physical limitations man faces, that have a negative impact on raising our consciousness?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


You need to recognize that every material condition is the outpicturing of a condition in consciousness. And thus, you need to decide – consciously – that whatever physical limitations you have right now, they will not hold you back from taking the next step on your personal path.

The lie promoted by the forces of this world, by the prince of this world, is that material conditions have power over the real you. The real you is a Spiritual Being. You are expressing yourself currently through a physical body, but you are more than that body.

What has happened to most people in embodiment is that you have lost the recognition, the awareness, the acceptance of who you really are as a spiritual being. And through that separation you have started to create the mortal self – the ego – and you have then projected mental images upon the Ma-ter Light. And it is those images that are now outpicturing themselves in whatever physical conditions you face.

The lie promoted by the false teachers is that the physical conditions you are facing were not created by your state of mind. And therefore, you do not have the power of mind to rise above or change those physical conditions, but you should accept that your mind, your spirit, is limited by those conditions. This is the lie that you must begin to see through and dismiss. I know this cannot be done – for most people – in one magical moment, but it can be done by gradually overcoming the illusion that physical conditions have power to limit your spirit.

I ask you to be careful in discerning, so you do not go into an analytical reaction here. You realize that you have certain physical limitations and conditions right now, and you may not be able – and it may not be your divine plan – to have them miraculously healed in one moment, in one instant. But nevertheless, whatever physical limitations you have, there is something you can do to take the next step on your path. As Mother Mary explained, your highest potential right now may not be the ultimate potential, whatever that ultimate potential might be. It might not be to manifest your full Christhood. But your highest potential is to take the next step toward that Christhood. And you can take that step regardless of the physical limitations you face.

This then is the shift in consciousness. And my beloved, you CAN make that shift in consciousness instantly—if you are willing to let it be a seismic shift that instantly shifts your entire outlook on life. When you recognize that, as a spiritual being, it makes no sense whatsoever that physical conditions can limit the expression of your spirit, you might even begin to see that the physical conditions you face will have one or two purposes.


One purpose is that this is for your personal growth, your personal learning, where you need to learn that in past lives you entered into a state of consciousness that is now being outpictured as the physical conditions you face. And thus, when you get in tune with what that consciousness is, and how it has outplayed itself in physical limitations, well then you can personally learn to grow beyond that consciousness. Thereby opening up for a gradual or even a sudden recreation of your physical state, even your physical body, to overcome those conditions.


The second potential is that you have taken on a portion of the mass consciousness, thereby allowing yourself to experience the physical conditions you are in. Which again can have the purpose of either demonstrating how to overcome and rise above that consciousness, thereby rising above the physical condition. Or even demonstrating how to live a spiritual life in spite of the physical condition, so that you can inspire other people with that condition to rise above it, no longer allowing themselves to see it as something that cannot be overcome, something they have to accept that will limit them for the rest of this lifetime. This is the lie that you are all here to dispel through your example.




Copyright © 2008 by Kim Michaels

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