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TOPICS: Preparing your mind for inner directions - Jesus cannot always perform a miracle - medical treatment may be part of your divine plan - be open to all options -

Question: Beloved Jesus the Christ, my Lord and Savior: Receive the love of my heart and my gratitude for all the loving service you are rendering our beloved planet earth for the Victory of God. I thank you also all the help and assistance you have given me during all my incarnations. Beloved Jesus, I acknowledge and accept that you are my Lord and Savior and this is why I am coming to you.

I also acknowledge the numerous miracles and prodigies that you have made. You are the greatest and best surgeon there is on this planet earth. For this reason I come to you in the Name of God Almighty, of my Great I AM Presence and my own Christ Self, in the name of the beloved Mother Mary, my beloved Saint Germain and Archangel Michael so that you may assist me personally in the story I am about to tell. All my faith, trust and hope are in you because I know that as you healed and cured thousands of lepers, blind and paralyzed people from birth, even Lazarus whom you resuscitated from the grave, that same way I ask you to heal me.
Beloved Jesus, for approximately 3 years I have been progressively losing my physical sight because of a 4 cm in diameter tumor in my hypothalamus gland which is making pressure and atrophying my optic nerve. This case needs surgery according to human medical science. Up to now, I have not been able to find an efficient alternative treatment which can dissolve the tumor without surgery, which is very risky. I feel very opposed to having it practiced on me for several reasons.
Beloved Jesus, I know that with God and in God all things are possible. This is why I come to you, because with you there are neither risks nor mistakes possible. Also, as student of the ascended masters and as Guardian of the Light of the Mother, I have the privilege and possibility and opportunity of counting on your help and direct assistance of an ascended master for my healing and this is what I am claiming now, that you intervene directly in my hypothalamus gland and in my optic nerve so that all malformation, dysfunction, cause, effect, record and memory in them may be corrected by the Violet Flame and forgiveness and by your Miracle Love.
Beloved Jesus, awaiting a positive and favorable reply from you, I leave you with infinite gratitude as your devoted and faithful disciple. 


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

My beloved brother. I understand your feelings and commend you for your faith. However, I cannot give you medical advice through an outer messenger, for such decisions must be made by you based on answers you receive from within yourself. This is part of your responsibility and your divine plan.

However, to receive my answer and the answer from your Christ self, you must fulfill these conditions:

  • You must study the disease and ALL treatment options available.
  • You must seek the answer within yourself and be willing to make your own decision.
  • You must be open to any answer you might receive from within. Do not close your mind to any option by deciding that you will not pursue a particular form of treatment.
  • When you have put yourself in an open state of mind, ask for my answer and be willing to heed the answer, even if I give it to you through an outer source, such as a doctor. If the messenger be an ant, heed him. 

In order to receive the right answer from within, consider the following:

  • In some cases I cannot perform a Biblical miracle because doing so would interfere with your divine plan. You might have a lesson to learn before a disease can be healed or you might have karma to balance (or both). Strive to learn the lesson and give the invocations LINK and decrees LINK to balance the karma. Ask me to help you learn the lesson rather than asking me to heal the disease.
  • Because of the advancement in science, I have many more options for performing miracles today than I had 2,000 years ago. I perform miracles every day through the minds and hands of skilled surgeons.
  • Pursuing medical treatment can be part of your divine plan, even in its present imperfect state. For example, you might allow a doctor to pay back karma or you might bring forth the judgment of a doctor or the medical establishment. You might help in the advancement of medical science or help bring awareness to a disease and its treatment.
  • In some cases people take on diseases to help other people learn lessons, develop compassion or balance karma. Until these other people have fulfilled the reason for you taking on the disease, it cannot be healed without interfering with your divine plan.
  • Some people take on a disease to help ease the burden of world karma. Again, healing the disease would interfere with your divine plan. Instead, seek to resolve the belief that causes this disease – whereby you help heal the collective psyche – and use the rosaries to balance the karma.

You need to always be open to all options, even the ones presented by medical science. You may not agree with the methods or philosophy of modern medicine, but you still need to be open, so that I and your Christ self can give you the answer that is right for you in your individual situation. So free your mind from all preconceived opinions and ask me for an answer from within yourself. I will answer, but you must be willing to hear me.





Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels

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