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TOPICS: No mechanical way to heal disease - any method can be misused - always necessary to have discernment - not all diseases should be healed - removing symptoms is not healing - healing requires shift in consciousness - taking on other people’s karma - disease is an energy imbalance - how symptoms can be taken away - being a healer is a life-long path - no healing method is automatically safe -

Question: Dear Jesus, You have said in the answer given on the Reiki question: "In reality, not all ailments will be healed by the Holy Spirit, as was demonstrated in my healings. Yet if the practitioner is not completely non-attached, it is easy to use psychic energy to produce a healing that does not come through the Holy Spirit."

It has been my understanding that in healings, the Christ self in the healer calls forth the Christ self in the one to be healed, and that this produces the healing. Since God does not do imperfect work, healing then takes place on ALL levels, even into past lives where the seeds of the illness occurred. In fact, as the healer brings the light of God through, even the healer is healed, because God's light transmutes ALL negativity.
As an example, if someone has a disease caused by alcoholism, the disease is cured, and so is the trauma that created the need in the person for relief of the pain of that trauma through the use of alcohol or drugs, so that they no longer desire to drink. At least that has been my experience as a Reiki practitioner, and also through the experiences of other Reiki practitioners.
This may indeed take more than one Reiki session, and so we must measure visible results in order to know when more sessions are required. Sometimes the healing is instantaneous, and other times spirit works to raise the vibrations more slowly so as not to overwhelm the person in need of healing.
I know nothing of "psychic healing." I thought that lower beings are in a lower vibration and are unable to raise a person's vibration above the vibration of disease. I thought only God's spirit could do that? Please help me understand.


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


Let me give you some thoughts to ponder.

Thought 1
Let us begin with one of the most important statements in the Old Testament:


There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. (Proverbs 14:12)


Ever since the fall, there has been a dream, a dream that has been building momentum in the mass consciousness, of finding a mechanical, automatic and guaranteed method for producing salvation. The broadest definition of salvation is that it is anything which human beings believe will make them secure, whole, healthy, immortal or whatever they desire to be but think they cannot have from within themselves. The essence of this dream is that you can be saved by some outer, mechanical means without having to change yourself. This is the way that seemeth right unto a man, meaning the dualistic, dualistic mind.

In terms of healing disease, there is a dream of finding a mechanical way to heal disease, and it is driving modern medicine, much to the peril of some of the people exposed to certain aspects of that medicine. One example being the recent attention around certain products developed by the big drug companies. My point is that as a spiritual/holistic healer, it is extremely important to be on guard for the subtle temptations of this dream of mechanical healing.

The founder of the Reiki method was well aware of this problem, yet some of his successors have not had this understanding. So there is a subtle belief that by invoking light from above through a somewhat mechanical method, one can do no wrong. This simply is not so.

Everything in this world is subject to free will, so there is no way to guarantee that a viable method cannot be misused. The best example is that the love-based spiritual teaching I gave 2,000 years ago was later turned into a fear-based religion that killed people in the name of Christ. So there is no guarantee with human beings, and therefore it is always necessary to use discernment when applying any healing method or spiritual teaching. If a person does not have such discernment, and especially if the person believes he or she could do no wrong, it is possible to make mistakes, even unintentional mistakes.

Thought 2
Developing discernment means becoming aware of the fact that not all diseases should be healed. I explain that in more detail elsewhere. If someone believes all diseases should be healed, then that person is likely to misuse the healing technique, be it Reiki or something else.

Thought 3
It is also necessary to realize that a disease is far more than a physical symptom, so true healing does not simply mean to remove the physical symptom. Most diseases are products of wrong beliefs or karma (that was produced by wrong beliefs), so until the wrong belief is consciously replaced, the disease is not truly healed.

It is quite possible to remove the physical symptoms – at least for a time – without removing the false belief behind it. In fact, this is what modern medicine is focused on doing through material means. This is a false healing because it does not further the long-term spiritual growth of the person. In fact, it enables the person to go on living without dealing with the imperfect beliefs behind the disease. Yet it is possible to invoke non-material energy that removes a symptom without consuming the wrong belief.

In some cases this is lawful because the person deserves an opportunity to be free of the symptoms in order to change his or her life. And it is not necessarily the responsibility of the healer whether the person makes use of this opportunity. Yet there are some cases where a disease should not be healed until the underlying belief is addressed by the person. If you are not aware of this, you can unwittingly make a mistake.

Thought 4
Many diseases are caused by karma, and karma is like owing a debt to life. Imagine that your credit card statement shows that you owe $2,000. Yet this is simply numbers in a computer, and it would be easy for a person with access to the system to transfer that debt to the account of another person. Likewise, it is possible to transfer karma between people, meaning that a healer can actually take upon himself the karma of a patient. This can especially happen when the healer fails to be non-attached to whether the person is healed.

You might think that by doing so, the healer would have the same symptoms as the patient, but that is not necessarily the case. Say you owe money on your credit card, and you have not been making the payments. The creditors are at your door, and in your desperation, you ask a friend for help. He agrees to have your debt transferred to his account, but he simply makes the monthly payments and therefore the creditors leave him alone.

In other words, a healer with greater spiritual attainment than the patient can take upon himself the patient’s karma without experiencing immediate symptoms. The healer might transmute that karma without ever having symptoms, but nevertheless it is God’s will that people are responsible for their own karma. “For every man shall bear his own burden” (Galatians 6:5). If you take upon yourself someone else’s karma, you can prevent the person from learning his or her lessons in life, and thereby you make karma.

Thought 5
Everything is energy, so karma is simply misqualified energy that vibrates in the material frequency spectrum. A disease is an energy imbalance, and the material symptoms can be removed in several ways:

  • Invoke spiritual light to permanently remove the karma/misqualified energy. The person can generate new misqualified energy, but the original energy is transformed.
  • Invoke light of a higher frequency than material light, but not as high as spiritual light. As I explain elsewhere, there are four levels of the material realm, namely physical, emotional, mental and etheric. It is possible to invoke light from the emotional and mental realm to remove a physical symptom—this is what I call psychic energy and psychic “healing.” Yet the misqualified energy – the energy imbalance – is not transformed; it is simply shifted away from the physical octave and into the emotional or mental octave. From there it will inevitably come back to haunt the person, perhaps in a future lifetime. In fact, it is possible for people to willfully suppress a disease by forcing the energy into the emotional or mental realms.
  • A spiritual master (embodied or ascended) vows to carry a portion of the persons karma. This is always done from the Christ consciousness and therefore lawful.
  • A human being – knowingly or unknowingly – takes upon himself a person’s karma. This is often done from the duality consciousness, and if so it is not lawful.

So my point is that you cannot simply assume that healing physical symptoms is always lawful. You say:


It has been my understanding that in healings, the Christ self in the healer calls forth the Christ self in the one to be healed, and that this produces the healing.


This is only true when the healer has contact with his or her Christ self AND is non-attached concerning the outcome of the healing. No healing technique can guarantee that anyone learning the technique will have this contact or non-attachment.


So to be a true healer, you need to be on a lifelong path of expanding your oneness with your Christ self. As a beginner, it is prudent to invoke the presence and vision of your Christ self and specifically ask that the healing be done according to the will of God and the perfect vision of Christ. It is also very important that a beginning healer is conscious of the need to be non-attached. This is a principle understood by all spiritual masters. You do right action, but you remain non-attached to the fruits of action.

If a person is not healed by a Reiki session, it would be prudent to talk to the person about the need to uncover the imperfect belief that caused the disease in the first place, recommending that the person seeks psychological/spiritual healing. You mention alcoholism, but that is a malady that springs from imperfect beliefs. And invoking spiritual light cannot in itself remove such beliefs. That is why Mother Mary’s rosaries do not only invoke light but also contain affirmations that help people resolve imperfect beliefs.

My point being that even the light of God will not work against a person’s free will. Therefore, the real goal of healing should be to resolve the imperfect beliefs that are the hidden cause behind the visible symptoms. When you aim for this goal – when you seek first the kingdom of God – the healing of physical symptoms will follow.

Please be aware that I am not hereby trying to discourage people from serving as healers. I am simply trying to point out that on planet earth there are no free rides. There is always a responsibility to discern, and one cannot simply assume that any healing method is automatically safe. Neither can one assume that by taking a short course, one automatically becomes a true healer. And finally, one should not assume that doing God’s work can be measured by an earthly standard.





Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels

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