Spiritual cause of fatigue

TOPICS: Fatigue often caused by split about your mission - energies being drained by dark forces -

Question: What is causing the fatigue that i have experienced in these last years? I would gladly examine any thing that you would like to reveal or advise me about. I give thanks and i am asking god to bless both of you 


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

When you have a physical problem, you should always seek the proper medical advice. In this respect, let me say that most physical ailments have a psychological counterpart and in many cases a psychological cause.

Fatigue is always a sign that your energies are not flowing freely. This is often caused by a conflict in your psyche that relates to your mission in life. The most common conflicts are:

  • A lack of clarity about what your mission really is.
  • One part of your subconscious mind is drawn to a certain aspect of your mission and another part of your mind is drawn to a different aspect.
  • One part of you is drawn to your spiritual mission and another part is drawn to the things of this world.

When you are split between two different directions and cannot focus your energies, you are at a spiritual impasse. This will prevent your energies from flowing freely and therefore the energies will accumulate in the physical body, leading to fatigue. Use our tools for transforming accumulated energy.

Use my technique for inner attunement to gain greater clarity. If you become aware of a particular conflict in your psychology, perhaps an emotional scar from childhood or beyond, go to a professional and seek psychological healing.

Fatigue can also come from your energies being drained by an outside force. This can happen as a result of certain activities such as alcohol or drug use, trauma or stressful activities. However, it can also be an attack by dark forces that does not necessarily have a physical symptom or cause. Use the techniques for spiritual protection that we have given.

I commend you for your willingness to examine anything that stands in the way of your spiritual progress. This willingness to look at any obstacle is your greatest weapon, and if you will use the proper means, you will discover the cause of your fatigue.





Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels

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