The essential ingredient in healing and prayer is acceptance

TOPICS: Faith is needed for healing - faith not outer adherence to a religion - inner quality - miracles must be brought into physical realm - faith is acceptance of spirit over matter - the key to successful prayer - in teaching others, transcend the fear-based approach - Jesus had a love-based approach to religion - tune in to Christ self -

Question: I see many who pray and have miraculous results for ones they pray for. Still they are in traditional organizations and espouse ideas you say are false. Can they have the connection to the Christ self in spite of the wrong teachings and are we to confront them with these new ideas?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


If you look at my healing miracles as they are described in the scriptures, you will see that I healed people from many different backgrounds and from many different belief systems. You will also see that the main ingredient in the healings I performed was the faith of the people who were healed. You will see instances in which I could not heal anyone or in which only a few people were healed. The reason being that the people I faced did not have enough faith to bring about their healing.

This brings about the understanding that the essential ingredient in seeing the result of a prayer is your personal faith in God or in another spiritual being. Faith is an inner condition; it is a quality of the heart. Faith does not necessarily have anything to do with membership of an outer organization or adherence to outer beliefs that are often held primarily in the mind. Certainly, there are many people who belong to Christian sects or to non-Christian religions that promote incomplete, incorrect or even directly false doctrines. Yet if these people have the inner quality of faith, the childlike faith that I said was the key to entering the kingdom of heaven, then their prayers can be answered and can truly bring about miraculous results.

You might recall the statement that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen [Hebrews 11:1]. The reality behind that statement is that a miraculous result is always present as a spiritual potential. However, in order to become a manifest reality, the spiritual potential must be brought from the spiritual realm into the material universe. To become manifest in this universe, a particular result must go through a doorway between the spiritual and the material world. That doorway is ultimately the Christ consciousness, but if a person has not yet achieved Christhood, the healing can come through the Christhood of myself, Mother Mary or a saint to whom the person is praying. Yet for the result to be manifest, the person must serve as an anchor in the material universe, and that can happen through the heart of a person who has an innocent, childlike faith.

There are people from every walk of life who have a strong connection to their Christ selves. You will find them in many non-Christian religions, and you will even find them among atheists or agnostics. As I explain throughout my website, Christ consciousness is not the mechanical result of belonging to a particular church or believing in particular outer doctrines. It is an inner quality, the quality of the heart. 


We can also describe faith in another way. As we explain, the basic law of the material universe is free will. Thus, I cannot heal someone against their free will, which means not simply their conscious will – who would not want to get rid of the symptoms of a disease – but also their subconscious will. Many people are a house divided against themselves, meaning that they have subconscious beliefs that block their healing.

So we might say that higher faith is when you have overcome this inner division, so your heart is pure. You therefore know – through an inner knowing that is beyond intellectual reasoning – that Spirit has power over matter, which means that God or the ascended masters have the actual power to change any condition on earth. 


The real question concerning healing is whether you can actually and fully accept that what you pray for can be manifest and is manifest. You will see that I sometimes asked a person: “Believest thou that I have the power to do this?” And only if the person believed this, would the person be abel to accept that the healing could be done. I do not have the authority to override your free will. So if you ask for healing, but do not fully accept that it is possible, then your subconscious mind will neutralize your conscious prayers. In fact, prayers from a divided mind simply will not reach the spiritual realm, as they are nullified in the person’s own mind.

You ask whether you should confront people with the teachings I give on my website. That is a question for which there is no general answer. It depends entirely on the state of consciousness of an individual person. Some people have an innocent, childlike faith which makes it less important that they believe in a few incorrect doctrines. Yet for many other people it would be highly beneficial if they were enlightened and received a deeper understanding of the spiritual side of life.


In dealing with other people, I recommend that you make an effort to tune in to your Christ self. What I am saying here is that you should never decide with your outer mind that you need to convert anyone to a particular set of beliefs. Instead, center in your heart, and if you get an inner prompting to tell people about a certain idea, then by all means do so, but do so with love.

If you are interested in helping spread the word, I highly recommend that you study the book The Secret Coming of Christ. The book gives a very detailed explanation of the difference between a fear-based and a love-based approach to religion. You will see many missionaries, including many Christian missionaries, whose entire approach to preaching the gospel springs from fear. They are seeking to convert people by playing on their fears of going to hell or not being saved. I did not take this approach; I took a love-based approach. When you take such an approach, you are not motivated by fear, and therefore you are not deciding with your outer mind what other people should or should not believe.

You are not seeking to convince another person that you are right. Instead, you are tuning in to your Christ self, and your goal is to help that person reach the next step on the person’s spiritual path, whatever that step might be. You are simply trying to help the person attain a higher understanding without having any outer, intellectual, fear-based opinion about what that understanding should be.

In the end having an inner, love-based faith in God is far more important than having an outer, fear-based adherence to certain ideas, no matter how true the ideas may be. Obviously, having both faith and correct understanding is the optimum for a spiritual seeker.





Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels

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