Vaccinations and conspiracy theories

Question: I have a question about vaccinations and why there is so much confusion and accusation in society.


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2017. 


Mother Mary: Well, we have commented on the topic before in the sense that it is, again, an example of how we sometimes have to release technology that is not ideal but it still brings humanity to a higher level. It has been necessary because there was no other way to bring that number of people into embodiment as long as these contagious diseases were running rampant. 

There, of course, comes a point where you need to ask whether is it necessary to continue to vaccinate. You always need to ask: “Is the vaccine safe? Could it be done better?” Of course, in most nations where they have vaccinated for decades and a certain disease has been for practical purposes eradicated, it should not be mandatory that all children should have vaccinations. You should allow the parents to make the choice for the children. 

Again, you should also in an ideal situation, have a situation where the parents are not making the choice not to vaccinate their children out of fear and certainly not because they believe in some far-flung conspiracy theory. It is simply unrealistic to believe that there is some world-wide conspiracy that has taken over the medical establishments and the WHO and governments and large companies and that only has the purpose to destroy human beings. It is simply not realistic. 

There is, of course, such a conspiracy in the fallen beings in the emotional realm, primarily, where they only want destruction. They will use people they can use. But to seriously believe that all of the leaders of society have had their minds taken over by fallen beings is not realistic, my beloved. Neither it is constructive for your spiritual growth. Nor is it constructive for society. It is for that matter not constructive for your children if you choose not to vaccinate them because you believe in such an unrealistic theory because you are actually putting that consciousness upon your children.

It would be far better that people who are trapped in this conspiracy theories and this fear-based mindset would recognize that a physical disease is not the only thing that can cripple a child. Being programmed with the fear-based energy of the parents can also have a major impact on the child.

This is not to say that you are always in fear when you choose not to vaccinate your child. If it comes to you as an intuitive insight, then you should follow it and then your country as a free democratic nation should allow you to do this. Certainly, this will be the case in the Golden Age, but of course in the Golden Age we will transcend some of these diseases and we will therefore transcend the need to vaccinate. There will come a time within not too many decades where vaccination will be stopped because it will be recognized that it is no longer necessary.

I wish to make just a brief comment here on the fact that we are actually moving out of the time where these very contagious diseases will continue to be a threat. There was a certain reason why they could flourish and it has to do with a rather complicated equation where people actually have the opportunity to recognize that when a disease spreads through many different people, it demonstrates that there is a collective consciousness. 

In every country you will see that suddenly there is an outbreak of a disease, some people get it and some people do not get it. Why? It is simply because the disease represents a certain state of consciousness. There is a collective consciousness and the people who are affected by that level of consciousness will contract the disease and those who are not will not contract the disease even if they are exposed to it.

There was also a certain phase where the world was becoming tied together, the world was becoming smaller through technology, but the people were not willing to raise their consciousness and come into greater harmony. That is why they manifested these outbreaks of these diseases that could spread faster and faster because of travel. I am not thereby saying there will not be other epidemics but we are moving out of this phase where these can manifest because the consciousness is being raised.


Copyright © 2017 Kim Michaels

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