The importance of physical health for spiritual seekers

Question: Can the ascended masters comment on the importance of longevity. Do people have to pay more attention, to the focus of longevity (of the longevity of the physical body) in the golden age?


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2017. 


When you walk the spiritual path and seek to raise your consciousness, you are doing the most important thing you can do for the longevity of the physical body. This, of course, does not mean that we are telling you to ignore any kind of health advice or that you should not pay attention to your bodies. This is not what we are saying, but we are saying that it is important to have a certain sense of priority when you are walking the path. You can, of course, take various measures that you feel appeal to you according to your intuitive sense. 

My beloved, we have not given much advice about health and the reason for this is very simple. Each human being is an individual and has an individual human body. More than that, your physical body is an expression of the three higher bodies and you are all individuals in your three higher bodies. 

The physical body is not a mechanical device, regardless of what materialism claims. You cannot simply say that we have now discovered that this particular physical remedy cures disease in many people and therefore it should work for all. Likewise, you cannot say that eating this particular food or not eating that particular food has this effect on many people so it should have the same effect on all. 

It truly is your responsibility to use your intuition to tune in to what is important for you. How much attention should you put on your body individually? Some of you will need to put more attention on the body and it is right for you to put more attention on the body, whereas for others you should not put as much attention on the body, but more on the psychology and on spiritual growth. 

It is a highly individual matter, but if you are walking the spiritual path and diligently applying yourself, you are doing the most important thing you can do for the longevity of the body. Other than that, you recognize, of course, that as your intuition gets better, you will get intuitive promptings on what specific things to do. You also need to be aware that the longevity of the physical body is not really a goal or an end in itself. Your body is here to support your spiritual growth. The focus on keeping the body alive artificially is not really the highest approach. In the same way, you have some very spiritual people who have become very focused on the concept of immortality, of trying to live forever in their current physical body. This is not what we are teaching either because even if you reach full Christhood, it does not mean that you can sustain the body indefinitely. There are some yogis who have been able to sustain the body for a long time. They have done this for a specific purpose and it does not mean that all people should strive to do this, or that all Christed beings should do this. 

Again, there is a time when it is your natural time to leave the physical body behind. When you attain a higher degree of Christhood, you can actually tune in to this and you will know when it is your time. I will also say that you understand we are always seeking to help you achieve balance. While I am not telling you to neglect your body, I am actually making you aware that many people (including many, many spiritual people) have developed an unbalanced focus on the body.

They actually have gone into a mindset where they think that it is necessary to have a healthy body in order to further their spiritual growth. This is by no means necessarily the case. It is not that a healthy body hinders your spiritual growth, but if you place too much attention on the body, my beloved, it is unbalanced. One effect of this can be that people pay so much attention to the body that they do not look at their psychology. Of course, looking at your psychology is the real key to spiritual growth. Another effect of this is that people can go into a mindset where their focus on the body is based on a subconscious belief that the body can hinder their spiritual progress, that the body can facilitate their spiritual progress, and that their spiritual progress is dependent on the state of the body. 

Now, there are lower levels of the path where, if you have a specific condition such as a disease, then you obviously need to pay attention to the body. There comes a higher level of the path where you realize that you actually go into a state that we might call benevolent neglect of the body where you recognize that the body has a certain mind of its own. If you give the body attention, it can be like a small child: It just wants more attention. There can actually be an aspect of your mind that manufactures more bodily problems because it knows it can get your attention that way. There are, of course, also various demons and entities that seek to project physical problems into your four lower bodies in order to extract your energy. There comes a point on the path where you need to decide that your body is not in charge of your life. Your body is not in charge of your spiritual path—you are. 

Therefore, you go into a mindset where you are not accepting that the body, in whatever state of health you may have, can hinder your spiritual progress. When you make this shift in the mind, the physical body will gradually begin to comply. It may take some time. It may take some effort, various healing efforts, but the shift in the mind can bring you to a point where your bodily issues are not hindering your spiritual growth or your wellbeing simply because you have decided to, so to speak, put the body in its rightful place as the servant and not the master.



Copyright © 2017 Kim Michaels

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