Will Russia use nuclear weapons?

Question: How likely is Putin to use a nuclear weapon in the war?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar for America – The Resurrection of Democracy.

Well, not nearly as likely as the sensationalist press makes it out to be. It is, of course, clear that he is realizing that he is in a bind. And many among the Russian leadership are beginning to realize that there is no good outcome of this situation. They cannot win the war. They cannot defeat the Ukrainians. And there really is no good way out.

Now, Putin has not admitted this consciously, although he is aware of it subconsciously. It is not likely that he will escalate this to using nuclear weapons because he knows there will be a severe reaction not only from the Western world, but also from China which does not desire to see that level of escalation.

You have to recognize here that you can say many things about Putin, but he is not a madman, as some in Western media want to portray him as. You would understand Putin better by recognizing his background, first in the KGB, then in the city government in St. Petersburg that was very closely linked with the Russian mafia. Putin has, over the years, adopted and developed a certain mindset of doing what the mafia does in terms of intimidating people with threats. Now, you will notice one very simple thing, a mafia organization—the leaders of a mafia organization, they generally believe that they are untouchable, that whatever they do will not hit themselves. But this also means they have a certain rationale, of not doing things that could hit themselves, that could harm themselves.

Now, in a sense, you can say that Vladimir Putin is the leader of the biggest mafia operation in the world called the Russian government. And therefore, he has that same mindset. If he thinks something could damage him personally, he would not take that step. And he is able to see that the consequences of using even a tactical weapon in Ukraine, would be very severe. There is, of course, also, the reality that he has now declared four regions as part of Russia. But the Russian army has been pushed back so that the Ukrainians are now in those four regions. So if he is to use a battlefield nuclear weapon, he would have to use it on the battlefield. But the battlefield is now in what he claims to be Russia. So what leader would use a nuclear weapon in his own country? And of course, using it in another part of Ukraine would also incur a very determined reaction from the rest of the world.

You have to realize that even though Putin does not think the way most people in democratic nations think, he has a certain rationale, a certain way of reasoning that means there is a limit to what kind of risk he is willing to take. You can, for that matter, see that in how the war has been executed so far. The unwillingness to call for a general mobilization, for example, the unwillingness to call it a “war” and so forth.


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