Many spiritual people reject or avoid life

Question: If we have a higher than average level of consciousness why do so many spiritual people have great difficulty managing the outer world and coping with life as it’s generally lived on the outer?  Many spiritual people’s work lives are very chaotic and they have difficulty making and holding on to money?  And spiritual people in general seem to be the least well equipped for dealing with the challenges of the material world – why is this so?  Why is there this discrepancy?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2017

Well, my beloved the answer is in the book – in the sense that what we describe in the book is that, many avatars have come to earth have been very shocked, very traumatised of conditions here. And so as a result of this you build a certain, it can be as we have talked about –anger, a certain resentment, a certain unwillingness to really engage in life in the physical octave.  And this can partly be because of the shock and trauma you experienced here.  It can partly be because you have a sense that things could be different, that you have experienced a world where things were different.  And therefore subconsciously many of you have this tendency to say that you are basically rejecting earth.  You are basically saying “I will not engage fully in life, I will only do the absolute minimum I have to do to sustain some physical existence”.

And therefore you are many times letting circumstances decide what job you have or how long you have it.  Many of you also have a certain mechanism of trying to avoid the pain that really goes all the way back to your original trauma when you came here.  But in order to avoid that original pain you have set up some compensatory mechanisms where, whenever a situation seems to stir up your wound you want to withdraw from it.  So whenever you are in a job that seems to stir up your wounds you just go away from there and try to find something else.  So your whole life becomes a chase for finding this place where nobody is pushing your buttons or stirring up your wounds.

So you are making what we have called avoidance decisions.  Where instead of making a decision about what you want in life you are driven by what you don’t want and you are making decisions that you think will cause you to avoid what you don’t want.

And so the only way out of this is really to look at what is described in this book, look at the whole process and decide whether you are at the point where you are ready to exit earth and then you focus on qualifying for your ascension.  But most of you are not quite at that point because you need to go through a certain phase before you are ready to exit earth.  And that phase is that you actually accept life on earth and you engage in it in a positive way.  It does not mean that you have to do the same that non spiritual people do but it just means that you accept that you are here.  You accept that the planet is the way it is.  And then you say to yourself “well as long as I am here – why not have the best possible life?  Why not actually enjoy being here?  Why not feel good about myself as a person on earth?  Why not feel good about my life?  Why not feel good about the planet, other people, the physical octave?”  Embrace life instead of trying to avoid it.

And if you can make that leap, then first of all the rest of your life will be more enjoyable, but it is also a necessary preparation for actually making your ascension, because there are some people including ascended master students who have thought that making your ascension means withdrawing from every aspect of life.  But that is rarely what it means.

Some people may need to withdraw for a cycle but in most cases you cannot actually ascend from earth, you cannot become non-attached to earth until you have embraced life here.  So there is a delicate balance you are walking.  On the one hand you do not want to be pulled into these unfulfillable desires of always seeking more and more money or recognition or whatever.  But on the other hand you don’t want to deny your desires and basically decide that there is nothing enjoyable on this earth and as a spiritual person you should walk the “Via Dolorosa” and constantly feel bad about the earth because feeling bad is the way to overcome your attachments.  But feeling bad is not the way to overcome your attachments my beloved.  Feeling good about your self is a faster and more enjoyable way to overcome attachments.

In many cases the worse you feel the less you can overcome your attachment because you actually build another attachment to feeling bad.  And you have many Christians who have walked what they call the “Via Dolorosa” and they may have developed some non-attachment to certain aspects of what they call ‘worldly life’ or ‘carnal life’ but they have just built another internal spirit that is one huge attachment to what they see is a kind of suffering.

So again, decide what you want to do with the rest of your life.  Do you want to continue this pattern of basically being on planet earth, you cannot avoid being here but you are subconsciously rejecting being here, making your life more difficult?  Or do you want to make the shift that this book is designed to help you make and many of our other teachings are designed to help you make, where you embrace at least some aspects of life on earth and feel good about yourself, feel good about these activities, feel good about being on earth?

It is much easier to have a positive experience and then naturally overcome your attachments than to try to force yourself to overcome your attachments.  You can force yourself to overcome a specific attachment but the price you pay is you build another attachment and that doesn’t actually help you ascend.


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