What is needed in Russia is people open to a different form of government not dominated by one person.

Question: Is it possible in Russia, in the near future that the emergence of an opposition to the current power be under the leadership of the Ascended Masters? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Kazakhstan in 2018

No, my beloved, that is not possible. It is not even possible in the distant future. Not that it never will be possible but you understand that we are not actually in any country looking to create a form of government that is under the direct leadership of the Ascended Masters. Now this may seem difficult to accept for some Ascended Master students who have envisioned that in the golden age we will be directly leading the nations.

My Beloved, if we were directly telling the governments of the nations what to do, how would the people grow from that experience? What have we told you about Christhood? You have to be led from within, not from some outside force. So you see that there can of course be governments who have some inspiration and some connection to the Ascended Masters but we are certainly not looking to have governments be like puppets where we are pulling the strings.

What I also want to say about Russia is that we are not looking for an opposition to the current government. As I said, this would only propel the country from one extreme to another and create violence and upheaval. You understand that the development of a country, especially as large and complex as Russia is a complex affair that can change very, very, quickly. You give a certain prophecy in 2015 based on how the situation looked at that time. Then within a year it changes and all of a sudden you would not have given the same prophecy based on the current changes.

It is difficult to predict how a population will react and when they will begin to cling to something, (part of the old) and be afraid to change. What we are looking for is a gradual change in the Russian collective consciousness so that a critical mass of Russian people become open to a different form of government that is not so centralized and especially not dominated by one person.


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