What is black magic?

Question: What is an example of an avatar using black magic? If I visualize a protective bubble over an area of land, in an effort to protect it from weather conditions, say a hurricane, for example, is this black magic? And then I say, I don’t have proof this works, I just think it might.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2019.

Well, what I generally recommend is that, whatever you do, you always have a certain openness in your mind, to adjust whatever you are doing according to the vision of Christ, so that you do not superimpose your current outer understanding upon something. Now you could say that, what we have said about the fanatical mindset, that when you go into adopting a certain view of how you think the world should work, and you are then projecting that view on to the world. That is the simplest definition of black magic.

Because as we have said, the state of the world as it is today, is not what was created by the Elohim. The Earth has been taken down to a much lower level. Matter is more dense, there is suffering, there is shortages of all kinds of things. And this wasn’t in the original design. So this has been created by humankind, because people have adopted the state of duality, a state of lack. And they have then created images of how they think the world works based on that consciousness of lack. And they have projected that on the world, and therefore the cosmic mirror has mirrored this back to them and the physical conditions have out-pictured what is in people’s consciousness. And this is the broadest definition of black magic.

That is why we need you to realize that you have at any moment until you ascend a certain limited view, because you have a limited perspective through the physical body. And that’s why it is wise to never actually insist that things have to be a certain way but always have that openness, that your vision is adjusted based on the mind of Christ. As this messenger realized some time ago, that he really had no fixed absolute opinions or no fixed absolute knowledge, because he realized that anything he knew and understood today could be expanded upon tomorrow, and he could gain a higher understanding. And that is why it is so important to not think you have the absolute understanding of life, or an opinion that is absolute or epically important.

Now there are of course, many other forms of black magic that are more and more severe. But that I feel is beyond the question. There are if you talk about avatars who have used black magic, there is the story of an Eastern sage named Milarepa, who was actually seduced by a fallen being who was a black magician into applying black magic, and then realized his error, and gradually rose above it to the point where he could ascend. So that is, by no means the only example from Earth. But I do not find it necessary to give more examples at the present.


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