What does it mean to be a spiritual being?

Question: When the ascended masters say that we are spiritual people, what exactly do they mean? And all lifestreams are essentially of the Spirit. How do the ascended masters to find a spiritual person?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.

We, first of all, mean a person who is not identified with the physical body and the outer mind, or personality. You realize you are more than the body. You will not die and disappear and go into oblivion when the brain dies. You also more than this outer personality that you were brought up as in your particular culture and family background, and therefore you’re not fully identified with this, the more you begin to raise yourself above this outer consciousness, the less you become identified with the body and the outer mind, and with your culture and your family background and all of this. And so that means you begin to recognize that you are more than what most people define as a human being. It’s not that you aren’t a human being, you’re still in a human body, but you’re not fully identified as a human being that is limited by whatever definition you have in your culture, of what human beings can and cannot do. You realize you have a potential to raise your consciousness, to shift your identity, so you no longer identify yourself as a human being.

Now you can say, what was my mission 2000 years ago? What did I try to explain is that you all have the Christ potential. You all have the Christ potential to recognize that you came from a higher source. You did not come from dust, you are not going to return to dust. And therefore, you have the potential to raise your consciousness, put on the mind of Christ, and shift your sense of identity, where you identify yourself as a spiritual being, as a son or daughter of God as more than the strict definition, the narrow definition of a human being. Now, of course, everything can be abused by the ego and some spiritual people have over the years, taken this to get themselves in a position of spiritual pride where they feel superior to others because they are “spiritual people”. But, again, there’s nothing we can say that cannot be misinterpreted. So, this is the short definition of what it means to be a spiritual being. You are not fully identified as a human being.


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