What determines your next incarnation?

Question: Tibetan Buddhism says that the last thought before death determines the next incarnation. That seems a little inadequate to me. For example, a person has followed a spiritual path for many years, but before leaving his body he experiences intense fear of death. How would that affect his future incarnation?

Answer from the Ascended Master Gautama through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Ukraine Webinar.

Tibetan Buddhism has a number of elements that are typical of what we have called the outer path, the mechanical path. You can look at the fact that they have prayer wheels upon which prayers are written. Instead of reciting the wheels they spin the wheels and they think this balances your karma. They also have developed these ideas that you spend your entire lifetime preparing your mind for the moment of physical death so you can think the thoughts that will ensure the best possible incarnation.

You are, of course, perfectly right that it is not the last thought you think before your body dies but it is your overall state of consciousness that determines your next incarnation. All the progress you have made through this lifetime is what will determine where you magnetize yourself after you leave the body, and the progress you make in between embodiments will determine the situation that you come into in your next lifetime, if there is one.

It is very much, as we have explained over and over again, a matter of the resolution of your psychology. In Tibetan Buddhism, there is not much about resolving psychology. There is not in mainstream Christianity and most other mainstream religions. This is an indication of the fact that Tibetan Buddhism, despite the claims made, is in many ways completely out of touch with my original teachings and the teachings that we of the ascended masters are giving today.


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