To all students from non-English speaking countries: learn English

Question: This question is for Saint Germain about the monopoly of the Novosibirsk Group on the translation and distribution of the teachings released through Kim. Beloved Saint Germain is this your idea? Do you support it? What is the point? Are you satisfied with the results? What can you advise to the students who do not speak English and are in fact deprived of the opportunity to receive in the foreseeable future the teachings that you Ascended Masters released through Kim?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Kazakhstan in 2018

My advice to the students who do not feel they are receiving the teachings fast enough in a Russian translation is simple: learn English. My advice to all spiritual students and all ascended master students in all non-English speaking countries is:

learn English!

We have given teachings through several dispensations now that can all be valuable to ascended master students and you cannot expect that they in the near future will all be translated into your language. So if you are serious about studying ascended master teachings, learn English. It will also benefit you and your life and your career because the world is quickly moving into English becoming more and more dominant and it is clearly already the international language. So learning English will open up options to you, not only in your spiritual growth but also in your practical life.

You must recognize here that we are satisfied with the Novosibirsk Group and their progress. Naturally things could be done faster but they also have to be done in a practical realistic way. When we give some people an opportunity, we give them of course some leeway on how they deal with this, given their practical situation.

So my advice to the Russian students is: stop feeling like victims, stop feeling that you are being deprived of anything. Make yourself the best possible use of the teachings that are translated into Russian and if you want them faster then learn English.

There are enough teachings translated into Russian already that you can make very significant progress by embodying those teachings but you will not embody those teachings with the attitude behind this question. You will simply keep yourself at a certain level until you let go of what we might call the victim consciousness or the combative consciousness, where you are constantly projecting out, seeking to find fault with others, seeking to split hairs about the wording of the teaching, always being in is this very detail-oriented consciousness of always looking for something that is wrong.

Listen to what we have been saying during this conference and make use of the teachings that are already translated and then you will make progress. When you make progress these questions will fade away and become obsolete.

NOTE: Since this answer was given, changes have been made in order to speed up the process of publishing books in Russian. The Novosibirsk group (Freedom Star Publishing) is still selling some printed books. A new publishing company has been formed in order to publish ebooks and also the latest printed books.


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