Tibetan Buddhism says that there is no soul, there is only mind

TOPICS: Words used differently by different religions – in Buddhism there must be a vehicle for mind to interact with body –

Question: Beloved Jesus, Tibetan Buddhism says that there is no soul, there is only mind. So I don’t understand. What does it mean when you do have a soul?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

It requires a great deal of delicacy, and non-attachment of mind to bridge the language barrier between different religions or spiritual traditions. What one religion characterizes with one word might be the same thing that another religion characterizes with a different word. So, truly, one can say that everything is mind because where does the soul come from? Well, it comes from the mind. It comes from your greater mind, the Conscious You and it was created after the Conscious You started to experiment with the duality consciousness. So one might say that it is created out of your mind.

In a sense, we could say that Tibetan Buddhism is correct but this does not necessarily mean that other traditions that talk about a soul are incorrect. They are simply using a different word for the same thing. Because, truly, even in Buddhism, there must be a vehicle of the mind that descends into the physical body and interacts with the physical body.


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