There is a need for a shift in the collective, where people will demand a different form of energy

Question: Question about “non-material energy” also called “free energy” I was really impressed by the vision given by Cyclopea in the dictation given in Korea. About what could happen in a very short time if there would be a breakthrough, and if that small box generating energy could be available? There came to me recently very interesting news about the invention of a so called “cold fusion” where huge amounts of heat are generated in relatively low temperatures without radioactive radiation. There is even one scientist, an inventor that is very close to making a working product based on this invention which is called an “energy catalyser” or “ecat.” There are even many patents prepared of how to use this invention in houses, cars, air planes, much like that given in the vision by Cyclopea. Could the masters comment if this is the technology that has the potential to be a non- monopolised Golden Age technology. Also could such proof of concept or even the working device be constructed with relatively simple means? Like in almost garage like conditions. So it would be hard to monopolise because of its simplicity and availability? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2019.

What we are dealing with here is that – the energy devices of the Golden Age are beyond what most people can currently even envision or accept. There are a number of people who have seen the potential for new energy sources whether you call them “free energy” or something else. Therefore, there is a lot of research going on and there is some of this research that has a potential to actually be an energy production device. There are other types of research that can never really lead anywhere but it is still important that the research is being done.

As more and more people research this and publish their experiments, it helps shift the collective consciousness to the point where there can be the shift that allows the real technology of the Golden Age to come forth. There are several types of energy that are what you might call intermediary steps including “cold fusion.” You have to realise that anything that can be or will be patented, is not really going to be the highest potential for energy production. It is true as you say, that the ideal form of energy should be produced or rather transmitted by a device that can be produced in a garage, so that large corporations cannot monopolise it. They cannot even patent it because you cannot patent an idea.

We need to actually have a certain shift in consciousness, where we have people who are not driven by this desire to create a patent and become super rich. They are simply driven by the desire to pioneer a new technology and prove that it works.

You will see that the era of flight was initiated by two brothers in America, who were not attempting to patent the air plane. They were just attempting to prove that an object heavier than air could actually fly. This is the kind of experimentation we need. I know there are some people that are already at that level, but we need to have a shift where more people get into this, also where more people among the public realise, that the real energy of the Golden Age will not be monopolised by some corporation that will make lots of money on it. Therefore we really cannot allow that technology to be patented. What will happen is, that some corporation will buy the patent and suppress it, so they can continue to sell their oil at an inflated price as has already happened with certain types of technology.

This is something that those of you who are interested in this can actually make the calls for this kind of a shift. You can make the calls for a shift in the collective, where people will demand a different form of energy. You can ask yourself, why you have the kind of energy you have that is monopolised by big corporations.

It is simply again, because of the influence of the fallen beings and the power elite, where they want to set themselves up so that they not only make the money but also have the power over the people. They get money and therefore energy from the people all the time, think about this, it is again one of these examples of cognitive dissonance where people experience this. Because “why should you have to pay for energy.”

This is what you can make calls for, that more and more people will begin to simply ask this question: “Why should I have to pay for energy. Do I pay for the air I breathe? Do I pay for the rays of the sun? You can again, take the biological perspective as I said about fanaticism, look at the biological or physical perspective on energy. Look at all the basic things that drive life on earth are free, sunlight is free. The plants using oxygen for photosynthesis is free. You do not have to pay money for that. Why should you have to pay money for energy that drives technology? Why is that?

It can only be because mankind has been seduced by an elitist mindset. Despite the rise of democratic nations people have not freed themselves from that elitist mindset. That is why they still accept a situation, where they have to pay the power elite for electricity. It is necessary with one of these shifts where people say: “It’s obvious we should not have to pay for this, it shouldn’t be that way.” It can partly be brought about by the realisation, that if you actually made energy free, it would have such an incredible impact on the entire economy, that the economy would grow to a much higher level than today. Everybody would be richer, except of course the people who have the monopoly on oil and electricity production.

You realise that, there have been many developments in the world that have brought society forward that have brought the economy forward. You can look at what we have said about fanaticism, what Jesus said about diversification. What is the key to a growing economy, an affluent economy? It is diversity – diversification. What works against affluence for the people, is monopolization. The concentration of wealth and the ownership of the means of production in the hands of a small elite.

You look at the feudal societies and you can see that the feudal lords sitting in their castles, felt very, very rich compared to the ordinary peasants. If you look at what they actually owned back then compared to what many people own today, they were not very rich at all. It is all a relative thing.

That is why you realise that the power elite, their mindset of monopolising and concentrating wealth in the hands of a small elite, will force the energy to a much lower level. That is why the feudal societies kept the economy of the nations at a much lower level for several hundred years. After that broke and there was much more diversification in the economy, you saw how quickly it grew.

You also saw, right in the beginning of the industrial age, that you had these certain few people who always attempted to create these business monopolies, because they realised or they actually thought, they accepted the illusion that that was the only way to really make money. In reality, the only way to really make money, is to have a free diversified economy where there is constant experimentation and constant growth, so that there simply is more money in the economy.

How are you going to make money, unless everybody in society have money? You can see, that what they have done today (the power elite) is they have created these financial instruments where they make lots of money but it’s all just on the computer, there is no reality to it. That is not what I am talking about with a functioning economy. A functioning economy is where there is invention, there is production, there is services. There is the production of something real that benefits people, not just numbers on a computer’s hard drive. This is the kind of economy you can envision, you can make calls for. Diversification rather than monopolization is the key to the Golden Age economy.


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