The unsolved problems of the theory of evolution

Question: Can you use this opportunity to look at the mass consciousness and discuss the theory of evolution and give me something that you have not yet pointed out in your dictations that I can use to share with people so that they can ponder and question it or look at some specific research and ask further questions? Also I am asking you to use this opportunity to speak into the collective consciousness.  

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2023 Korean Conference.

Well, the first thing you can point out is that the theory of evolution is a theory. It has for many people come to be seen as a scientific fact, but you can then point out that not so long ago, if you consider that a century is not so long ago, the worldview based on Newton’s theories or laws of motion was considered to be an infallible scientific fact and it has since then been replaced by more sophisticated scientific theories such as Einstein’s theories and quantum physics.

There is a constant movement in science. You can, of course, also find books out there that talk about this such as a book called “The Science Delusion” by Rupert Sheldrake that talk about the fact that many biologists are beginning to look beyond the theory of evolution because there are too many questions it cannot answer. One of the questions that the theory of evolution cannot answer is, of course, how did life originate? How did inorganic, unconscious substances suddenly give rise to life forms?

And you can also see that there are some big gaps in the evolutionary process even in the fossil record where you for example have the Cambrian explosion where a large number of species appeared in a very short period of time and this is very difficult to explain based on the current theory of evolution. You can also point out that it is one thing that organic life arose in the form of single celled organisms, but how did those organisms begin to organize themselves into multi-cell organisms?

How did you make a leap from these very simple cellular organisms to more sophisticated life forms that could start moving around? How did you jump from these simple organisms to fish, insects, birds, mammals and so forth? How did life migrate from the ocean to land? There are so many questions that the theory of evolution cannot answer that if it had not been for the fact that materialists are so attached to this theory then it would not have been considered a scientific theory, certainly not a complete theory because how can a theory be complete if it cannot answer so many questions?

The other big question, of course, that the theory of evolution cannot explain is the arising of the sophisticated consciousness you have in human beings. The theory of evolution is based on some valid observations. As we have said before there is a gradual process in the world. The biblical image of an instant creation is not correct when it comes to the species and many other aspects of creation. On the other hand, there is a certain instant creation and if you do not consider the Big Bang an instant creation then what is an instant creation?

You could very well modify the theory of evolution and say that there are certain instances of instant creation that brings forth a new state in the world and then they are followed by a period of gradual evolutionary changes then there is another leap and then another period of gradual evolutionary changes. This would be perfectly in accord with both cosmology and the fossil record and so then that would lead to the question of well what then brings about these major leaps?

Then you can go to the fact that there are now scientists such as Donald Hoffman who are beginning to look at the role of consciousness and that there must be some consciousness that is involved with the process of evolution. He has a theorem based on the existence of conscious agents. This then could lead to the recognition that some physicists have also arrived at, that a complete theory cannot ignore consciousness and cannot consider consciousness an epiphenomenon of the physical brain but must incorporate consciousness as a fundamental element in the creation of the world.

And this can lead to the idea that there are conscious agents who are not in human bodies, who are not in the physical realm but who are then the beings who have manifested these sudden leaps in the process. In other words, there are conscious agents with a larger co-creative ability, a larger consciousness than human beings, they initiate one of these leaps and then they leave certain laws of nature to bring forth a gradual evolution for a time until they initiate the next leap. This could lead to a more fruitful theory that could actually answer more questions, many of the questions that the current theory cannot explain.

This of course would make many materialists rotate in their graves or wherever they are and that would require a willingness to look beyond the materialistic worldview. But there is a growing number of physicists who are becoming aware that space-time, as Einstein conceived of it, is doomed. It is simply not a model that allows us to go further. And if space-time is doomed, then it no longer makes sense to uphold an entirely materialistic theory about the origin of life.

For there must be something then that is beyond space-time and in order to understand that something we must incorporate consciousness. These are just some sketchy ideas but I can assure you that there are already many scientists in various fields who are open to some of the ideas that I am radiating and you will, in the next decade or a little more, see a major change in this field simply because there are many scientists who see the limitations of the materialistic paradigm including evolution, but also because there are many young scientists who realize that there is no new discoveries to be made within the current paradigm. And they realize there are many questions that cannot be answered so if you cannot answer them within the current paradigm, the logical step is to look outside the current paradigm.


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