The true path to Christhood and the left-handed path

The devil’s goal is to prevent the appearance of Christed beings – the devil can win in two ways – creating a false path with some truth – the laws of man and the laws of God – satanism based on rebellion against the laws of God – serpentine logic –

Question: I have found that some occult topics reinforce what you are saying about personal Christhood. I believe one of the basic teachings of Alistair Crowley were to find out what your true calling in life is and then channel your energy into fulfilling that inner mission. I find this to be in alignment with the path of personal Christhood. Yet Crowley is considered by most Christian groups as the founding father of satanism? Thoughts to ponder?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The true goal of the spiritual path presented by the ascended masters is to help people attain Christ discernment. When you do put on the mind of Christ, you can easily discern between what is of the light and what is of the darkness. This then allows you to see through all superficial, man-made doctrines. You can also see the fundamental difference between the true inner teachings on personal Christhood and the left-handed path preached by Alistair Crowley and other satanists.

It is necessary for a sincere spiritual seeker to recognize that the devil has a clear purpose, namely to prevent the appearance of more Christed beings. He is trying to fool those who are my best servants on earth. He is not concerned about those who are completely enveloped in the dualistic mind, because they are already in his power. The devil’s main concern is to fool those who have already found some truth but have not yet manifested the Christ discernment that makes it possible for them to see through the subtle lies of the devil.

Contrary to what many people believe, the devil knows he can win two ways. His main goal is to prevent the appearance of a large number of Christed beings on this planet, because he knows from my example that he cannot control a Christed being.

One way to do this is to seek to use people’s fears to make them loyal to a traditional Christian church, which states that I am the only Son of God, and therefore no one else could possibly manifest Christhood. As long as the devil can scare people into accepting this lie, he has them where he wants them.

However, the devil knows that in this age many people are ready to break free of the fear-based approach to religion and begin to see the truth about personal Christhood. Therefore, the dark forces have created a number of false philosophies and false movements that are designed to lead such people astray. You must understand that once you begin to see the truth about personal Christhood, you can no longer be fooled by a philosophy that is based entirely on error. The devil knows this, and therefore he creates philosophies that contain a lot of truth but a little bit of error to lead people astray. This is precisely what has happened in the teachings given by Alistair Crowley and other followers of satanism. By the way, Crowley did not found satanism because it goes back thousands of years on this planet.

What the dark forces will do is to mimic the path of Christhood but then give it a little twist that ultimately takes you in the wrong direction. Let me explain this in more detail.

The essence of Christhood is that you can discern between what is of God and what is not of God. In other words, as you gradually put on your Christhood, you begin to see through the many philosophies in this world, some of which were deliberately engineered by the devil and some of which simply spring from the ignorance and fear of the human mind. In the end, a Christed being will accept no man-made doctrine or dogma as a replacement for the Living Truth of God. You will see this demonstrated in my life by the fact that I constantly challenged the doctrines of the scribes and the Pharisees and violated their outer laws, such as healing a man on the sabbath.

When you look at this from a certain perspective, you might say that I acted as if I was above the law, and I refused to follow any of the laws in this world. The difference here is that a Christed being is only above the laws of man and not above the laws of God.

What the satanists will do, as one of their many plots, is to create a philosophy which mimics the fact that a Christed being will not allow himself to be limited by any of the doctrines or laws of man. However, the satanists will not present this in the true light that the Christed being is not rebelling against the laws of man. He is simply being true to the laws of God, and if the laws of man are out of alignment with the laws of God, then the Christed being follows the latter. If the laws of man are in alignment with the laws of God, he follows those laws.

The satanists have created a philosophy which states that it is acceptable, even necessary, to rebel against any restriction of your freedom. In other words, in order to achieve true freedom, you can and must rebel against both the laws of man and the laws of God. This philosophy goes all the way back to Lucifer, who was the original rebel against God and the laws of God. Ever since then, those who followed Lucifer have attempted to create a philosophy, a world view, a religion which justifies the act of rebelling against God. It uses a number of subtle ploys to make it seem like this was not only necessary but actually beneficial and sanctioned by God. I talk about this in further detail in my discourse on absolute evil.

What you are running up against is the fact that there is a true path to Christhood, and it is this path I describe on this website and which we of the ascended masters have described through various organizations and spiritual teachings over the centuries. To counteract this true path and prevent people from walking that path, the adversaries have created a false path, the left-handed path, the way that seems right unto a man but which ultimately leads to the death of the lifestream. This false path has a number of similarities with the true path, or it would not fool anyone. In fact, the differences between the true path and the false path are so subtle that a number of people have been fooled and have been ensnared by the satanists and their subtle, serpentine logic.

Do you see my point that the devil can win in two ways? One is to fool you into following the left-handed path. The other is to make you so afraid of the devil that you don’t dare to open your mind to anything new. If you are so afraid of the occult that you don’t dare to look at anything beyond orthodox doctrine, then you have allowed the devil to control you through fear. If my disciples had taken the same fear-based approach as that taken by many modern Christians, how could Christianity ever have been born? The orthodox Jews would have killed it when they killed me!


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