The story of an avatar: overcoming the desire to save or change other people

Question: I have dealt with men with some sort of narcissistic personality all my life. I was the person who gave everything of myself away, and they took and had control over me. I was hoping to get love, but always from these kinds of men who would never give love. I have now completed the course of the seven rays, and I am aware of my patterns. I have now again attracted a man who lies, cheats and does everything for his own gain. Still, when I talk with him, he looks sweet, and he also has a very bright side, except for this specific behavior. I am aware, from the very first moment, that I should not have a relationship with him, but there is still a part of me that is deeply attracted to him. I hung out with him for a while to consciously go through the process in myself. After a month I have stopped contacting him, because I saw that he lied, cheated and acted very selfishly. Despite this being a constructive decision to stop meeting him, a part of me feels torn inside. I would like to know how it is possible that I feel so torn, even though the contact has not lasted long and yet the bond feels so intense. For me it feels like they are tentacles coming from his side and they are around me and that I have to break free from. What is it in me that those tentacles have that entrance me? What is the mechanism of the self or spirit I am dealing with? Please help me to understand this better.

Answer from the ascended master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

We have touched upon this in our dictations: You can have karmic ties with people that makes you feel attracted to them, but really what is the core of this is that you have, as an avatar, a desire to help change or save other people. It may not be specifically this person, but you have a general desire to save or change other people. And as we have talked about, you need to come to that point where you overcome this desire, especially if this is your last embodiment, or you want it to be your last embodiment.

You cannot ascend if you have unfulfilled business of feeling there are some people you have to save or some people you have to help. You need to contemplate free will, and that you really cannot change other people. You need to tune in and see if it is your last embodiment. And therefore, you need to make a very clear determination that you need to cut all ties, all attachments you have to other people.

But what I am saying to you is this: This is not that specific person that is the issue. It is your selves you have that makes you want to save or help other people. You think you have an obligation to change other people, that you are here to change other people. In reality, you are only here to change yourself so that you can be free to express who you are. And this is how you can change the earth, as we have said.

You have already intuited much of the answer, you just need to simply become more conscious of it, study the teachings we have given at this conference, and come to that point where you can truly let go of this self, this desire that you even had before you came to change other people, or change anything on earth.

You can come to the point where you realize that you are not really on earth for other people’s sake, as many avatars believe. You really came to earth for the sake of your own growth and the real purpose of you being here is to grow yourself, until you come to the point where you can be the open door for your I AM Presence, regardless of the conditions you are facing on earth. In other words, you can be yourself regardless of how other people are or what they demand from you. This is the ultimate test for an avatar.


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